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Asalam o alekum viewers today i am making amazing bakery biscuit recipe that is very demanding most of people want to learn this finally i will taugh you amazing recipe and very easy to make these biscuits like same bakery biscuits first i beat butter beat until light and fluffy then add icing sugar and beat well beat it for 2 minutes if you want to make perfect biscuits so make sure your butter and sugar mixture beaten well mixture is lighter and fluffy then add beaten egg 2 tbsp add essence again beat well if you dont have lemon essence so you can add lemon juice few drops make sure you beat well this mixture because you dont add any rising agent or baking powder in it add powder milk again beat for half minute first you add half cup of all purpose flour mix it well then add another half biscuit mixture is ready if weather is hot so you must refrigerate it for 10 to 15 minutes first i will make chocolate biscuit i take 1/4 biscuit mixture then add cocoa powder mix it well thats the basic dough of bakery biscuts you can make variety of biscuits with this basic dough mixt i need star nozel and plastic piping bag i start to make vanilla jam biscuits take a baking pan then start piping biscuit dough on it make a rosas thats bakery jam if you dont have bakery jam so you can use any orange or red jam now i am making chocolate biscuits baking temperature:180C baking timing: 10 to 12 minutes i make another biscuits you need peanuts and coconut i take a half dough from remaining biscut dough add some desiccated coconut mix it well try to use less flour in it during dough mixing if you use more flour then your biscuits become harder try to roll very light hand take a round cookie cutter place it on baking tray egg brush on it then sprinkle coconut take remaining dough i will add peanuts mix it biscuits are baked and it looks outstanding smells beautiful lets make the chocolate icing icing sugar 1 tbsp cocoa powder 1 tsp mix it gradually add water in it almost i add 1 tsp water another biscuits is ready you have to try this biscuits at your home and give me your feedback thanks for watching

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