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Balushahi recipe બાલુશાહિ રેસીપી Balusha Sweet || Khurmi || Badusha Recipe || Festival Recipe



Welcome To SRISRI FOOD Today we will make Balushahi This is a Festival Recipe Or you may make on any special occasion Everybody wants to sweets on a festival it is very easy let's Start to make 150 G White Flour 250 G Sugar 1/2 Tsp Baking Powder 1/2 Tsp cardamom Powder Little Bit Of Kesar 1 Tsp Almond and Pistachio 50 G evaporated milk solids 50 G Ghee water as per need Ghee For Fry First we put White Flour in a Bowl add Ghee in it we must use thick ghee add baking Powder in it Mix Well mix with soft hand Pressure pour little bit water and mix it Don't put whole water at a time don't knot a dough more make a dough by soft hand we need like this type of dough it's Ready now Cover For 15 to 20 minutes Now we prepare Sugar syrup for a balushahi add Sugar in a bowl and heat it Pour Water we need 1 wired syrup aside in other stove and we prepare stuffing also we should stir the syrup in a mid time add Half Tsp Ghee in pan add evaporated milk solids after Melt the Ghee we use sweet Mawa , so we don't need to add sugar in it if you need , you may add sugar our Mawa are Roast now add Dry Fruits in it aside it again prepare the syrup add Cardamom powder in it add water of Kesar Our Sugar syrup is also Ready , aside it aside If you do not subscribe to our channel yet please click here and it will subscribe and click on the Bell icon so you will get our new video And if you enjoy the video please LIKE also and do not forget to share in your group Now we prepare raw balushai of dough knot the dough make a Ball as per Choice Make oval type or like this Put Stuffing in middle Pack properly press on middle after pack both side just like it , we prepare all Raw Balushahi we have to care fully put stuffing in it and pack the Ball Properly , So that will not open at Fry time Than your Balushahi will be Delicious You May Make balushahi without Stuffing too Our Raw balushahi are Ready to Fry Now We Fry it Don't over Heat the Ghee , we need normal Heat Put Ball in it We Must Fry on medium Flame Turn it after little bit Fry to down side Our Balushahi are Fried now side in plate Fry other also like that Dip in Sugar syrup keep in it for 3 minute This Balushahi also Fried our all balushahi are Ready i Garnish By Pistachio We can serve it after little cool 30 minutes Must try At home Share your Experiences we will meet again with a new Recipe

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