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Our life is made of relationships, bonds Emotional bonds, friendship, family, spiritual

In all cases, each of us needs to have a connection A person who can listen to all the words we have to say, someone who can support us when we feel fragile or face a difficult time or a person who will surely be happy for us if we express joy This person can be a loving husband who reminds us every day how beautiful we are even though we’re not really in our best shape A friend who really wants to listen to our moment of discouragement A mother or a grandmother who cooks us something good because she still wants to take care of us

A bond is a thread held tightly by two hands One of these hands is ours It’s great to have someone to take care of us, but just as wonderful to take care of someone but just as wonderful to take care of someone Reaching out our hand to sustain, have the patience to listen, find that inexhaustible strength to show someone how much it matters to us

Each of us has its own way of curing a bond I bake sweets and welcome my family in a comfortable home Listen to all the modern things that my almost teenage son has to say and try to understand them all I am committed to find a sensible reason in the face of inexplicable actions and to accept that people are as they are and not as we want them to be Let us remember that taking care of a bond is not only receiving, but also accepting what is given to us and committing ourselves to giving the best of ourselves always for those who hold the other end of the thread

It is not always easy take care of a bond Tiredness, everyday life, the difficulties that put us to the test Sometimes we feel a bit selfish and seek the silence, a moment just for us to find ourselves And is that wrong? Of course not The deepest link to seek is with ourselves Understanding, loving, accepting makes us better people, makes us live a better life and allows us to create solid and sincere bonds In this wonderful journey that lasts a lifetime, finding a bond is a precious gift

A partner for the life, a sincere friend, an understanding with our children, a special person who inspire us Find a deep bond with ourselves We always should do our best to take care of it and our best to make it last forever Thank you for spending your time here with me See you soon

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New Cookery Recipes
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