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BBQ Recipes: Coleslaw



Great summer sides: Coleslaw [Music] >>Great summer sides: Coleslaw This recipe makes a generous quantity for a backyard party, or the quantities can easily be halved to serve 4-5 people This version of the old favorite is pepped up with caraway seeds, sour cream, and mustard

Ingredients: 1lb and 2oz or 500g of coarsely grated carrots One medium sized white cabbage Two tablespoons of sugar Salt and freshly ground black pepper One cup or 250ml of sour cream Three-quarters of a cup or 175ml of cider vinegar

Two teaspoons of mustard powder Two teaspoons of caraway seeds One cup or 250ml of mayonnaise One onion, finely diced Equipment: Cheese grater

Large bowl Clean kitchen towel Sharp knife, mandolin or food processor with slicing blade Mixing bowl Whisk

Step 1: Put the grated carrots into a bowl of iced water for thirty minutes so they get crisp Drain very well, then wrap in a clean kitchen towel and shake to remove excess water Step 2: While the carrots are soaking, prepare the cabbage Quarter, then cut out and discard the core from each quarter Shred the leaves using a knife, mandolin or food processer and discard any thick ribs

Step 3: For the dressing, put the sugar, salt, pepper, sour cream, and vinegar in a mixing bowl and stir in the mustard powder, caraway seeds, salt and pepper to taste Add the mayonnaise and whisk to combine Season to taste Step 4: Mix the onion, carrots and cabbage in a bowl and pour the dressing over Stir to coat evenly then cover and chill for at least four hours

Stir before serving

Source: Youtube

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