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Bean and Vegetable Stew Recipe (Vegan)



Hey guys today I'm gonna show you how to make a vegetable and bean stew and this is really easy to put together you don't need all of the ingredients that are in the list so you can really mix and match what you like and this is also vegan, so if you're vegan, this is a great recipe for you So to start you're gonna heat up a pot on a medium high heat to that, you're gonna add some olive oil or vegetable oil

Olive oil just gives better flavor To that you're going to add some chopped up carrots, some fennel, and some onions These are the vegetables that are really going to give your soup flavor, so it's important to get those cooking first So you want them to brown a little bit and you want your onions to get a little bit see-through and that's going to take about five to eight minutes So after it's been sautéing for about five to eight minutes you're gonna add in your potatoes and some squeezed or minced garlic and I usually don't peel my potatoes or my carrots

I just scrubbed them really well because there's a lot of vitamins in the skin and if you don't mind eating the skin that's really good for you Then you're gonna add in your flavoring I'm adding some bay leaves, you can also use other dried herbs or fresh herbs Salt, pepper, and I'm also going to add in some chopped up canned tomatoes So two small cans of chopped up tomatoes

You can also use just one large can Then give that a little stir and then you're going to add in your boiling water And I just boiled some water in an electric kettle but you can boil it separately in a pot if you don't have a kettle Then you're gonna let that boil gently boil for about 20 to 25 minutes And after that, you're just going to add in the last ingredients which are the canned beans and the canned corn

And now your soup is pretty much done you don't need to add any more things But now you're just gonna let it cook until the potatoes are tender, and the way to check that the potatoes are tender is to take a fork and just prick a potato and if it falls apart easily like it just breaks in half, It should be done You can also just taste test it to make sure that it tastes cooked to you So as usual you can find recipe on my website andreamaronyancom I'll leave a link to that in the description box below

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