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Bengali Payesh Recipe| Chawal ki Kheer recipe| chawal ki kheer kaise banaye| चायल कि खीर



Hello friend , I am Nazmin Sultana Welcome to my channel Nazmin Cooking Special Today I will make rice kheer The required ingredients are 1 Ltr milk, 1 cup rice 1 cup sugar 12 to 15 pieces Almond 20 to 25 pieces Nut 8 pieces Cardamon Let's start making kheer Put milk pot on oven to hot Put rice on it when milk will be boiled Milk is boiled Now mix rice with it Put it partly and blend it until the rice becomes blend blend it continuously with little gap It is required about 1 hour to make kheer already 30 minutes is gone

Now I will add dry fruit with it Nut is mixed Almond is mixed 15 minute is gone I add sugar with it Put sugar and blend it with little gap continue it until sugar is fully blended I will add Elachi powder with kheer extract Grains of elachi and make powder grains extracted making powder Elachi powder is ready now blend it with kheer all things are blending Kheer is ready my testy Kheer is ready you can have it hot or keep it for cold

Source: Youtube

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