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Bengali Recipe Patol Korma | Parwal Korma Village Cooking Video By Villcooking



Will be back again On the edge of this paddy saree Maybe not human Conch Chill Or in the guise of a statue Will be back again On the edge of this paddy saree All on this earth one day Come back to this place And so Bengali means poetry Bengali means to eat There is no lockdown on food lovers Namaskar, I am Rahul Roy And you're at Villcooking See also Thin Korma Recipe So let's start today's video Cumin Nun I put sour yogurt here Dried Chili Bay leaves and whole spices Yellow Gudi Mustard oil And here's the chopped onion Ginger and Garlic First I will spice it up First I gave him cumin Dried Chilli This time I will give raw chilli Ginger in it Garlic Now I will give you some onion The pan is hot Yami with mustard oil The oil is hot, now I will put the pots I will brown it and fry it This time I put a small amount in Patol Salt With turmeric powder Brown and Fried Now I'll take it down This time I will apply Patal Gul with spices I will give Bata Masala through it Now I will spread the spices well Now I will put the fried pots through it Now I will spread the patals with spices For Patal Kormar Written Receiver Visit www

villcookingcom I will boil it in fried oil Cumin This time I will put the spiced patol through it With a little water Patol Korma but I'm ready Let's take it down Then you can easily make it in your bar

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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