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Best Authentic Butter Chicken Recipe: For Home Cooking



An authentic butter chicken is cooked without onions but with very specific spices cooked in a very subtle way Welcome to Wonder Lemons, I am Luciya Making the authentic butter chicken starts with two stages of marination in the first stage you marinate the chicken in turmeric, kashmiri chili powder, salt and lemon juice Mix these

You can taste the mix and see if you need more salt later in this video I will be sharing with you on why I'm using skinless chicken thighs with bones For absorption of the marinade into the chicken you can draw these cuts on the chicken thighs with a sharp knife now for about 30 minutes this is gonna sit in the fridge next we start to prepare the second marinade for which we need the ginger-garlic paste the ginger-garlic paste is a key ingredient in many Indian dishes so we usually make it in bulk and store it up for up to a week in the refrigerator blend together a handful of skinned ginger a handful of skinned garlic and a bit of water to form a thick paste you can add salt too, it will stay longer it's now past 30 minutes I'm getting the chicken out of the fridge for its second marinade For the second marinade, into half a cup of yogurt/curd you must add two teaspoons of Kashmiri chili powder some salt a tablespoon of freshly prepared ginger-garlic paste mix it all well I like to affirm the salt levels and flavours at every stage so I taste what I'm doing and I recommend you do the same rub this marinade well into the chicken most Indian curries are made with the dark meat of the chicken that is the thighs and the legs dark meat absorbs flavors much better compared to the white meat and to get the best of flavors in most of our curries we use the dark meat with bones so if you want the best authentic butter chicken I recommend you using the dark meat with bones here I'm using chicken thighs with bones 5 of them and if you use the right spices in the right way there is no need to use artificial coloring the bright beautiful red color in Indian curries come from the Kashmiri chilli powder and the more you cook them that colour just enhances let the second marination now rest for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator after two hours, the chicken goes into a preheated oven of 425 F for about 45 mins traditionally the chicken is skewered and cooked in a tandoor which is a clay oven if you don't have skewers it's perfectly fine the chicken can be placed on that rack or just cook them on a pan Stage 3- let's do the gravy one of the boss ingredients in the butter chicken gravy is tomatoes for five chicken thighs I have taken five medium sized tomatoes roughly chop them puree them well next we roast the spices into a hot pan I'm adding cinnamon sticks about two large pieces break them up for the best of flavor four or five cloves four or five cardamom pods roast them on medium heat for about two minutes pour in that tomato puree if you are a beginner I highly recommend you to turn off the stove while pouring the puree or roast the spices on a separate pan and add them into the tomato puree am adding a tablespoon and a half of Kashmiri chilli powder Wow look at that color grate some fresh ginger if you like a bit of hotness in the butter chicken you're welcome to add a mild pepper or an Indian green chilli Here I'm using a homegrown Fresna chili pepper this is completely optional as the gravy's cooking you know you're on the right track when you start getting that earthy rustic aroma add some salt our goal now is to make a reduction you also see that the color is getting brighter and brighter about 25 minutes into the chicken baking turn the sides to have it done evenly and it goes back into the oven, continues to cook when the gravy has reduced 3/4 its original size take it off the flame and let it rest and we're going to strain it Butter Chicken is originally known as Murg Makhani Murg in Hindi is chicken and Makhani comes from the word Makhan which means butter the word Makhani represents not just butter but a creamy velvety texture which should be the texture of the gravy in the butter chicken strain out the maximum from this tomato and spices reduction don't leave the ones on the other side of the strainer they are full of goodness that's a lovely thick sauce we've got now to the final stage off the authentic butter chicken the same pan back on the flame put a good amount of butter Plus I'm adding in a good amount of Ghee that is clarified butter In an authentic Indian cuisine or Indian homes, Ghee is used daily than butter if you don't have ghee, you can double the butter quantity its butter chicken pour in your sauce into the pan mouth-watering! add in some garam masala I'm adding in some fenugreek seeds powder fenugreek seeds are very strong in flavor so it's optional and to be added in very less quantity add some salt, stir it all well next I'm adding in some store-bought organic tomato paste you want to ensure that you're getting the tomato paste with no extra flavors spices or herbs just pure tomato paste lower the flame and keep stirring then comes a key ingredient in an authentic butter chicken which is dried fenugreek leaves however due to cold lockdown dried fenugreek leaves for out of stock in our city so what I think is the closest substitute for dried fenugreek leaves in a butter chicken is the maple syrup now this is exclusively for butter chicken due to all tomatoes and spices the gravy is now highly acidic you need to balance that by adding sweetness maple syrup has a similar earthy rustic flavor like the dried fenugreek leaves plus it is sweet thus I'm adding a tablespoon of maple syrup and a tablespoon of honey if you like a sweeter gravy you can definitely add more honey Stir and let that simmer let me show you how you know when an Indiangravy is ready and perfect as it simmers wait to see the oil separate and come on top not just that it brings out its beautiful color but also brings out the finest of its taste the gravy is absolutely smooth and velvety get the chicken out of the oven look at these that is exactly what it would look like when it comes out of the tandoor oven I'm cutting them into smaller portions just before adding the chicken add some good amount of fresh cream Yummy YUM! at this point you should taste the gravy and see if you need more salt or more cream or more sweetness look at this gravy so velvety let the cooked chicken go into the gravy turn on the flame to low cook for one or two minutes more let the oil separate further and come up if you want it to be spicy sprinkle a pinch of cayenne or red chilli powder an authentic butter chicken is a unique and perfect rich blend of earthy, rustic, creamy, sweet flavored and splendid in color which according to history was accidentally put together by a chef in a restaurant at the capital of India in 1947 same year India got its independence from the British as a lover of good foods I can proudly say butter chicken is one of the finest gifts by India to the world seventy-three years later butter chicken continues to evolve and it still stands among peoples top favorite foods of all time butter chicken tastes best with butter naan or simply a bowl of basmati rice thank you for watching see you in the next video eat healthy and stay joyful Wow! This is sooo good!

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