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Best Comfort Food you can make in 25 mins! Chinese Herbal Chicken 药材鸡 Super Easy Recipe



hi and welcome to spice and pans today I'm going to show you how to cook a very simple but very delicious herbal chicken so let's start cooking! We're now going to do a light marinade on the chicken I have with me over here boneless chicken thigh approximately 400 grams – cut into small pieces like this

Add one tablespoon of light soy sauce One tablespoon of Chinese cooking wine A few dashes of white pepper One tablespoon of cornflour (cornstarch) mix this up well and set aside let's go and prepare the herbal sauce now we are going to prepare the herbal sauce now Boil 500ml of water we don't have to wait for water to boil Add in 20 grams of yu zhu these help to boost your immune system they are very beneficial for the skin 5 grams of Angelica roots Angelica roots are also known as dang gui – very nourishing for the body too put the lid on and we let this boil for 10 minutesI'll see you back in a while 10 minutes is up so let's have a look it smells really good I really love the smell of herbal smell from here we are going to add in our chicken just put them in just separate them out Now add in two tablespoons of oyster sauce and half a tablespoon of dark soya sauce Add half a teaspoon of sugar to balance up the taste mix them up well then turn the heat down to low and we will simmer this for 10 mins I'll see you back in a while 10 minutes is up so let's have a look wow it smells really good now add one stalk of spring onion give it a stir add 10 grams of wolfberries give it a stir finally to enhance the flavor of this dish add in 2 tablespoons of Chinese cooking wine turn the heat back up to high just stir them for a while and it's time to serve our lunch and now the dish is done let's have a taste the chicken is very tender and the herbal taste is just nice I'm telling you my wife will love this so ladies and gentleman I hope you like our video click like on our video and do subscribe to our channel thank you for watching you

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New Cookery Recipes
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