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Best easy Coconut rice made with sweet pepper Nigeria food recipe



hello and welcome back to my channel my name is Christie and if you're new to my channel you must walk home today I'll be showing you a quick video on how to make hot rice this rice is a heat in my house whenever I make this face my oven is always happy and ready to eat you have to try this recipe let's get started I'll be using plasmatic rice but you can use any rice of your choice 3 course of plasmatic rice I use the three wise men paper which is green yellow and red pepper tomatoes optional some people could get that tomato's scotch bonnet and onions I'll also be using x seasoning coconut milk this can be bought for many supermarkets blend that crayfish if you're vegetarian you don't need one to make coconut rice Maggie cube jumbo chicken stock which I use as cooking salts I use chicken sausage optional you can use stick you know you don't have to sunflower oil you can use any oil of your choice next step is to chop the pepper green red and yellow onions hot Pinet and tomatoes tomatoes it's optional I just like putting it sometimes but if I don't have to matter then I'll cook it without a matter they have different recipe or people have different ways they make their coconut rice this recipe is just very easy and you don't need much in ingredient to make it and the stick comes out really nice I also share another video of another recipe of how to make coconut rice and they look away but this is just is to get your eyes washed I wash the rice with cold water and I repeat the process three times some people was just with Auto time whatever you wanted but just make sure your rice is washed ESS water from the rice and gets your pot ready we're gonna start the prepare coconut rice cooking I turn on the gas cooker and waited for the little water and you pour to dry up I added the sunflower oil you can use any oil of your choice heat up the oil for by minute or two I added the green pepper red pepper scotch bonnets onions and yellow paper I'll leave this to fry at least reminisce while it's fine I'll make sure I stay just fight on a very low heat after frying for about two minutes the next step would be to add the crayfish added just a tiny bit of crayfish that's gonna add a bit of crayfish just to give it a flavor I always like adding it very early and now use the rest for later stay and the next step would be to add the coconut mix you can use any coconut milk of your choice stay and cook for another 3 minutes and after that the next step would be to add our rice your gas cooker is only very low heat in fact the lowest if you notice on this video I have not added any water just the coconut milk and a little water coming up from the rice that's what we used to cook or not rise that's why it's good to make sure your cuca is only low heat if not you burned your rice and the rice to be had so I'm going to stir the rice and nest about cover this rice and cook for at least 10 to 15 minutes after cooking for 10 to 15 minutes go back to check the rice you see how nice the rice looks but it's not fully dried so at this point we'll be adding the other ingredients the left of a blended crayfish Maggie cube I use 1 cube of Maggie because I only made the rice isn't a lot but this would depend on the quantity of food you're making to know how much you need Maggie and salt I use jumbo chicken stock which I use a salty so salty so if you need for the first time be careful 1 TSP and short the rice is way missed and keep stirring the rice until your shot is missed we don't need any water to make coconut rice coconut rice is just fine without war if you follow the same recipe the next step would be to add the hot dog don't forget added yet I also added a bit of thyme seasoning but you can put whatever seasoning you want in you cannot rice stay and leave the rice to cook for at least ten to fifteen minutes some people who put four people on the rush just to make it softer by prefer not to put one on mine and after that ensure your rice is soft as you like it the rice is ready and we are ready to eat this coconut rice is so delicious and so easy to make even the kids love it the rice is served and I'm ready to eat the rice is so delicious as you can see on the video I'm enjoying my rice if you've not yet try this recipe of how to make coconut rice you better do it because you will regret it it's easy and really nice you don't need much ingredient to make it if you're new to my channel thank you for taking our time to watch this video and also for my followers thank you as well for watching this video I really appreciate your time don't forget to Like share and subscribe for more videos don't forget to click this subscribe button and the bear it would notify you when I upload any video good bye and I'll see you on my next video

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