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Best Fried Hush Puppies – Savory and Sweet Recipes


[UltraVid id=464 ]Shh trying to catch a fish hush puppy oh speaking of hush puppies stick around we got a his-and-her version savory and sweet you ain’t gonna want to miss this one folks [Music] for you people that don’t know my name is Kent Rollins and what do we do here we show you how to grill we show you how to cook in a Dutch oven and today is a very very very special day because not only are we joined by my little sweet beautiful wife Shannon we’re gonna do a his-and-her version of that southern classic what is it Shh hush hush puppies but folks ask you to stick around for this and as we get closer to the end of it we have something very very near and dear to all you people that have been following our channel and some of the new ones too we have a little special treat for you that will touch your heart so be sure and stick around to the end it will be worth it so here’s in her version of hush puppies when I first started having them so many years ago it was just cornmeal flour a little bit of spice milk and egg as it sometimes even buttermilk well and so we’re kind of doing a his-and-hers and also like a savory and sweet version because who’s got the sweet version let me guess no no and I think that the northern cornbread in general is a little more it’s sweeter it’s a little more cake like so that’s how I like my cornbread and you’re doing the savory yeah and adding a little to it that I really like you know cuz I like my food to sort of have a little more going on in it you will have all the ingredients as she always does in the little description below so I’m not gonna give you precise measurements on this deal I know I know every kilometer in the book not a cup of cornmeal about 1/4 of a cup of flour a little more now we got to have what is it Shannon tackleberry that is right that is right so we’re just going to drop him right in here on top and then I’m gonna need about 3/4 cup of milk do the can’t roll in cleaning method go who’s gonna get it tonight for supper the Oh possum the old possum so well that egg is just sitting over in the corner minding its own business sort of beat him up on his own okay get him a little well incorporated there I have baking powder and a little salt the ideas so what do we got in here Shan jalapeno have jalapeno sweet mini bell pepper okay for them one onion got it all minced up finely chopped at this point in time when it’s you can see it’s a little bit tacky and I want it that way for a little but I want it’s a little flyer in there get some in my hand sort of roller back and forth over here so you’re just kind of like adding a little more to take some of the stickiness yeah okay now if you’ve got some wax paper or something at home to work you want to just take this out you can just set it right there on that wax paper yeah it’s sort of like a bread dough at this point now you can see it’s got a little got a little hole together it holds together but it’s definitely moist yeah we’ll just take it and just pinch it off like this you know get you a little flour roll them in here you can make them cylindrical is that a word oh no okay that’s kind of like what two and a half inches by half an inch maybe close about a gnat’s bristle shorter 5730 seconds [Music] now you’re gonna have to rotate these deals or Rascals around when they go to floating sort of roll them back around to get that even brown crust everywhere grease is about maybe 2 inches today inch and 3/4 amuse you a good canola oil peanut oil something that has sort of a high temp and mold people that I was around we used to do these have them big fish fries it weren’t nothing but pure hog lard so that’s like to give them a little stir to make sure none of them little fellers has tried to join back together with somebody else frying time ain’t long two to three minutes and hey this this this is a done deal stick a fork in it it is over why don’t you tell us about your fancy new apron well as you can see folks we are back to what everybody was requesting you’ll get can’t get full on fancy our cooking ain’t never been fancy it’s just been simple and easy to create fills your heart fills your stomach I know y’all be thinking sort of look like a giant cheeto don’t it does to me too but I’ll they good get you a wire rack you can put you a piece of newspaper down there put you a paper towel anything set them on a cookie tray we’re gonna let these Rascals drain and cool a little I gives you the happy dance again the onion and the sweetness of the bell peppers you get a little mini sweets then you get that hi-yah some that Heller painter there if you know what this will really go good we’re Somers red river ranch really I like to make them this way cause they got a handle on the end of then you can just oh yeah smell I love it when you can smell the pepper and it’s such a good blend with the corner hmm it’s like we call it home run eaten no mean kind of like lighter and fluffier than I thought it would be that’s what I’m all about is light and fluffy see here I mean I’m liable to just float off at any time it’s got a good distribution of all the ingredients yes we have seen the cowboy cook Kent Rollins come into the kitchen and make some old traditional hush puppies my way good was your throw buddy in there I did okay and why so tell me what you got going on here so I’ve got my dry and wet ingredients separate in my dry I have cornmeal flour baking powder salt I believe that’s it oh and a little sugar sugar sugar yeah in my wet I have a half a cup of milk tutto milk whole milk two tablespoons of honey and then one egg so I’m gonna just mix that all together before we did all this I took a sweet Vidalia onion and I minced up half a cup and I put it in the skillet with a tablespoon of butter so like in yours you just did it raw and it gives it a totally different flavor and it’s good but for this one I wanted to saute it and get it a little soft with the butter sock hey because that helps bring out the sweetness of the onion head and put the onion in the jar it helps mix it a little bit better I’m gonna add my wet to the dry and you’re just gonna stir this until it gets incorporated I you don’t want to over stir it because then it gets more and more moist as you over stir it so there’s two tricks to these what is that sugar one you don’t want to get these too large because they’re not gonna cook evenly and they’ll be kind of gooey in the middle and two you have to be you’re oil has to be at 350 or maybe even a little less you made yours the more traditional white which is round I’m just doing them in round so and they’re what you think like an inch maybe littler than a golf ball yes definitely I guarantee you when she made these other day there’s a table full at our house and they was gone in about that long and I think the beagle and Frank just got one little bite so [Music] okay folks we’re about 3:45 in there so we’re just gonna drop them in there and be careful you don’t splash none of that upper air on your fingers it don’t fire we’ll make sure like you do you give them a little pushing around so they don’t cling to each other too well and these here will be a little different than them long cylinders I made they will you’ll have to roll them around a little more to get them evenly browned ur/web ok so now we’ve got the version well you want to tell everybody you can see that these are a I would call them a very rich golden brown which is different than yours uh-huh and so you want to get them to this point just so you know they’re they’re cooking about let me see I don’t know hmm well bagel come on buddy come on down you the next contestant you have the soft center the sweetness and then that honey kind of caramelizes a little bit in that crust mm-hmm oh yes ma’am I could eat them all day long both of them it’s not overly sweet I don’t want to like give you the impression that it’s a dessert E but no it is very good and we hope you learnt something today it’s about bringing people together mostly is but when you can bring this together and bring people into your life and share it then you are good you remember what I told you last week you got to be a good neighbor invite them over set them down at the table set on the plate share some food with them about it and me and Shannon thank you so much for watching our videos we never take that part for granted we don’t and I need to give a little shout-out to one that’s been on there a long long time really there’s two and that’s some sweet girl Nadine and baby booth marking so you know I’m sure Betty boo has had some of these be sure and always hit the subscribe button and hit the little notification baile where it goes dingy down so you make sure you know when these are coming along and stick around folks because I’ve got something really special I want to share with you just to say god bless you each and every one and we’ll see you down the sweet and savory tree well folks I did promise you something at the end here that uh is worth saying that I and I hope you hear it it’ll it’ll do your heart some good but it’ll also hurt it a little time it will and so many of y’all have watched our videos for a long time and who how we love y’all for doing that we do and last week was a hard week we lost a family member a film production man a culinary genius and a licking pot hound was the happiest dog in the whole world that’s Frank the wonder dog oh how we loved him we did but folks he taught me so much about life and he could teach you too I promise that is get up every day and give it all you got how did I learn that we got a backyard back there and y’all seen it there’s a little deck there and you’ve seen Frankie run across and pee on stuff many times you know you had a way of christening stuff just to make it right but there was a rabbit that lived under that deck and him and that rabbit had a ritual all the time the rabbit would come out I would sing before Frank got out there and he had have his breakfast wash his face and then just be sitting there and every time Frank went out that door he had this in his heart I’m gonna catch a rabbit every day he looked every day snuck and every day he pointed he was going to get her done he never give up folks never he never caught that rabbit but you couldn’t tell him he wasn’t going to sometimes in life people are gonna tell you you can’t do that you can’t get that done you ain’t gonna make it give up folks I tell you what Frankie told me the day that I put him in the ground and I was hurting so bad dad catch a rabbit you can do so folks when you get in life and you get something Throwdown here that it really breaks your heart and it hits you really hot and heavy remember old Frank the wonder dog and catch a rabbit but he was the most comical dog in the world he could get on a couch that was eight foot long and take up seven and a half foot of it stretch and he every morning Kent go logs all all you guys know every morning he logs on and answers all the YouTube comments and every morning Frank usually was there helping you know Frankie get up in my lab lowered I know you needed him and I’m just gonna tell you that is probably the happiest dog in the world that you got but watch out he’ll pee on something if he gets a chance we love y’all so much and he wasn’t just a dog he was family and they not only will leave pro prints everywhere but they’ll run them little tracks deep in your heart thank you so much god bless you each and every one and whoo how we Misha Frankie but we know your happy dog [Music] you [Music]

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