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hi guys stay with me today I will cook on your vegan is it now I am going to buy some food I'll show you some price here in Switzerland or for that later we will cook with it for university for today stay with me and I'll show you sentence very nice lovely I'm kitchen I'm finished with shopping I don't buy it all for this you see because I have few of them at home so let's start it cook couscous with some vegetable scream peas brown mushrooms Kelly flower some carrots helps I think this is okay for us some salt pepper and some oil let's start this is the this is a little bit problem because I don't have fresh green peas here when you sit down my master chooses frozen one what taste is the same I'll put carrots a little I like to have a little bit color in my food not just one of veggie I'll put some water and I let it I think not more than 10 minutes with cover guys after 10 minutes we will see what we have so 10 minutes later will look like this I put some one water because I want to make some more couscous I'll add it now the cauliflower because this is not good when you cook it so much I know this is frozen but also you can add it like this instead later something so not so much cooking for cauliflower it's recommended and now I put some strips and it will take all the water we need some more I just like yo but this is not so important because all couscous is very tasty and very healthy easy food easy cook what you want more than this I'll make it always this is ready to poop and very tasty so we need some more nobody you can make it alone with salt just but I would like you to edit some vegetables because it's more interesting and more tasty I think also you can put it in salad or something like this but I like this combination with vegetable because you can take it with you or you can it's more practical like food sell at you need a little bit time to make everyday fresh salad and add it few of course go inside or I think there are a lot of fresh seafood cook school what I like is more than other it takes a lot already take the water is little bit more about healing and so a few minutes to rest here I make so fire is so much fancy face it oh that's good this is very very tasty I think I put it a little bit more water because I don't cook it for a long time and I forgot I must have let a little bit 'space take it I let like this two minutes cover with finish is looking like this very tasty now we are finished is looking like this you can try it I hope you'll enjoy it thank you for watching my video please subscribe my channel bye bye see you soon you

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