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Bhuna Chicken (بھنا چکن) – How to Cook Chicken Curry (Urdu Audio, English Subtitles)



In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate Peace and blessings be upon you

Dear viewers, today I am going to make Bhuna Chicken for you For this, I am using 2 medium-sized onion cut into small pieces and 4 or 5 garlic cloves cut into small pieces I will put this in a pan containing half a cup of vegetable oil We will start frying the onions and garlic till golden brown

We will then add some ginger and tomatoes I have cleaned and washed one medium-sized chicken cut into smaller pieces We will add the chicken after the onions are golden brown I am now adding ginger as the onions are slightly golden I have added the ginger

We will fry a bit more until these are a proper golden brown colour We will then add tomatoes and other spices Onions are almost ready but I will cook for a bit longer as there are still a few white ones left After a bit, we will add tomatoes and chilli powder and other spices Our onions are now golden brown

We will add some water to stop these burning or turning darker Now we will add two tomatoes These are tinned tomatoes but you can also use fresh Now add 2 tsp red chilli powder, one 1½ tsp of salt and a pinch of turmeric You may adjust the amount of salt and chilli according to your personal preference

We tend to make things a bit spicy and have therefore used 1½ tsp of chilli We will add half a glass of water and cover the pan to simmer on low heat for a few minutes It's been five minutes since I started simmering the dish The tomatoes are almost cooked The onions and tomatoes are almost cooked

We will now start drying the water and when almost all the water is dried up we will add the chicken and yoghurt Keep breaking the onions so that they cook quicker It's been eight more minutes We are ready for the chicken and yoghurt Our masala (gravy) is ready for the chicken to be added

We will also add 2 (slit) green chillis – actually one is red We will also add two tbsp of whisked yoghurt After adding the yoghurt we will cook this until the masala is ready The oil will appear to disappear We will keep on cooking until the oil separates again

It may take a further ten minutes or so for the masala to be ready At that stage, if the chicken is slightly undercooked/hard we will add some water and simmer for longer It's now been about five minutes and the chicken is still not ready – the masala does not look cooked We will keep on cooking on a slow heat It's now been ten minutes and it is still not fully cooked

The water needs to dry up – the masala still doesn't appear to be ready I'm cooking on a slow heat A high heat can be used if there is excess water It's now been 20 minutes since I started cooking this on a low heat It probably needs another ten minutes as the masala still doesn't look cooked

The masala will be ready when it becomes grainy The oil has already started to separate It will go back in and then separate again – at which point the Bhuna Chicken will be ready It's now been about twenty-five minutes and it's nearly ready I will shortly turn off the heat and add some garam masala and fresh green coriander

The chicken looks cooked now and the oil has separated again Now we will add3/4 glass water and simmer for a few more minutes This is so that the chicken becomes even more tender I am adding a small amount of garam masala before simmering on a low heat for 3 minutes By the Grace of God, our Bhuna Chicken is now ready

We will sprinkle some fresh green coriander before turning the cooker off By the Grace of God our Bhuna Chicken is ready Garnish with fresh julienne-cut ginger before serving

Source: Youtube

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