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Bhuni Arvi-Arbi Recipe-Colocasia Recipe Urdu Hindi 2018



Fried colocasia the tasty one In this video i will tell you how to cook fried Arvi and what spices we will use and how to remove its sticky substance

Assalam-o-Aliakum, welcome to love 2 cook, you can do it! if you are new to my video then my channel is about easy and healthy cooking for beginners if you are looking for easy and time saving recipes then this is the right place Subscribe by clicking the red button and the bell icon heat 1 to 2 tbs oil or ghee add onions and saute a bit add onions and saute a bit add cummin seeds add cummin seeds add tomato now add salt, red chili powder and termric fry until oil seperates now add colocasia

while peeling and cutting colocasia, your hands will start itching to avoid that see my video colocasia fritters stir for 1 min and add yogurt yogurt helps to reduce the starch substance of colocasia people mostly fry colocasia seperately before cooking to finish starch but this could be achieved with only 1 tbs yogurt add chat masala cover and let it cook on low flame until soft you can also add dash of water if needed

check after 15 to 20 minutes now its perfectly done enjoy with chapatti to see more videos like this subscribe to my channel do like this video and share this video on facebook, twitter and instagram

Source: Youtube

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