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Bilinisho, Tripe recipe of Hunza Gilgit Baltistan | cooking goat intestines



washed tripe and intestines with some animal fat on a tripe add some animal fat as filling, roll and wrap it with clean intestine You will get this These are known as Bilnisho in Hunza Pour some water to a pan to boil Bilnisho Add all the Bilinisho to the pan Cover the lid Boil them for 10 minutes Open the lid and ad a tablespoon of turmeric Cover the lid and boil for another 5 minutes After 5 minutes drain it and rinse with warm water To a clean pan add a tablespoon of cooking oil Add 2 medium sized onions Add ginger garlic paste each a tablespoon Add 2 chopped tomatoes

Add green chili and salt to your taste Add 1 cup water to this a cook this mixture When the mixture cooks add the Bilinisho to this mixture cover the lid and cook them till they become tender You can cook these till the liquid dries out but we wanted our bilnisho with some tasty liquid therefore we turned off the flame at this point Plate out Bilinisho and cut them to bite size pieces These were super juicy and tender Serve Bilinisho with some rice or roti

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