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Border Grill’s Grilled Steak • Tasty



– Our marinated, grilled skirt steak has been our favorite for a very long time Hi, I'm Mary Sue Milliken

– And I'm Susan Feniger – And today we're gonna make our marinated, grilled skirt steak with avocado corn relish – [Susan] This recipe is fantastic for summer time because you can put the skirt steak and the corn on the grill – [Mary Sue] It's easy to make at home It's very impressive

Your family, your friends are gonna be like, "I can't believe this tastes so delicious" – [Susan] Boy, our restaurants have been around for a really long time This particular restaurant, Border Grill downtown, has been around for 21 years? – Yeah – 21 years – I'll never forget, there was a big rainbow outside and we were looking out the window

We just said, "Let's go into business together" – [Susan] We didn't have any money It was sort of a dream, but we didn't really talk about it that seriously – [Mary Sue] Yeah, and it was, you know, an opportunity for us to really do everything we wanted, to completely call the shots, be our own bosses And we spent the next four years really working hard, like six days a week, morning, noon, and night

Well, should we tell them the secret of how to keep our business partnership and our friendship? – I think we should, yeah I think it's therapy (Mary Sue laughs) Honestly, us each being in therapy helps you to look inside, deal with your own stuff instead of blaming your partner – [Mary Sue] And allowing your partner or your friend to change, because that's what life is full of is changes and it's what we all hate is change The sooner you kind of get comfortable with the fact that it's not gonna be the same in five years or 10 years or 20 years– – Or 37 years

(both laugh) – [Mary Sue] And that we're gonna each be able to grow in our own ways, I think that's pretty helpful This particular recipe has toasted cumin and lots of garlic and black pepper, and a ton of cilantro and lime juice to make it bright and fresh – [Susan] This is one of those recipes that, when people see it in our cookbook, they think we've made a mistake because it's got so many cumin seeds in it But I think we both believe that a marinade needs to be very, very strong so that, when you cook the meat, you actually get the flavor profile of it One of the things I think, when you're marinating this steak, is the marinade is very strong and it has acid in it, so you don't want to over marinate it, like you don't want to let it sit for two or three days

Overnight is fine – [Mary Sue] Well, the restaurant scene in LA is very different than when we opened our first restaurant in 1981 It's really exploded, and it's not so much that it's so completely different It's that everybody now is excited about food in a new way – [Susan] We used to not be considered one of the finest cities for dining

Now Food and Wine called LA one of the finest cities for dining, so – [Mary Sue] It's amazing There's great food in every neighborhood in LA now – [Susan] We used to be the two hot tamales, now look (both laugh) – This dish I never get tired of

– I love the acid, the combo of the acid with this marinade is so great – I like to make a little tortilla bite or taco bite (both hum) I took too big a bite (both laugh) – [Announcer] Oh yes (upbeat music)

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