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Bread Gulab Jamun | Indian sweet Recipe | Art of Samayal



Hello Friends! Welcome to Art of Samayal! Don't forget to like, share, subscribe and turn on post notifications! Hello friends today we are going to be making Bread Gulab Jamun Let's see what the ingredients are These are the required ingredients Cut the edges of the bread Cut it into small pieces This is to powder it quickly Transfer it to a mixer jar Cut all the slices in the same way Bread is now cut into small pieces Grind it to a powder It is now powdered Transfer it to a bowl Add milk little by little Mix it to a smooth dough I have added 3 tbsp of milk

Mix it to a smooth dough I'm adding a bit more milk Add the milk little by little to get the correct consistency The dough is mixed Add ghee The dough is ready make small balls Take a little bit of the dough Look how smooth it looks Make tiny balls with the rest of the dough The balls are ready Now let's prepare the sugar syrup Take a sauce pan Sugar Water Turn on the stove Mix till sugar dissolves Sugar has dissolved Let it boil It has started boiling Cardamom powder Mix Turn off the stove Let it cool Let's fry the gulab jamun Set it aside Take a pan Turn on the stove Oil required for frying To check if the oil is heated Add little bit of the dough, if it rises the oil is heated The oil is heated After the oil is heated turn the flame to simmer Add the dough balls one by one slowly Fry them till they become golden brown It is now ready Drain the oil and transfer it to a bowl Fry the remaining dough balls You can use sandwich bread or milk bread I have used milk bread It is now ready Drain the oil Turn off the stove Transfer it to a bowl The sugar syrup and the fried balls are ready Add the fried balls in the syrup when it is warm not hot It should be warm not hot Let it soak for 1 hour Gulab Jamun is now soaked

Let's transfer it to a serving bowl Garnish it with almonds or cashew nuts Look how soft it is Tastes best when served with Vanilla ice cream Try it out and comment how it had come out! See you guys in the next video!

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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