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Brintha’s Cookery Show-Bhatoora/Bhature/Bhatura Recipe in Tamil



Today we will be doing Bhatoora – Please note down the ingredients let's take a large bowl Add maida Add required amount of salt Add required amount of sugar Add required amount of baking soda Add required amount of oil Now mix well Add required amount of rava if we add rava while making poori then the poori will also will puff out, Now mix well Add required amount of sour curd The dough mixture will be hard now we need to cover the dough and let it for 2 hours after 2 hours the dough will be ready for preparing bhatoora it's a punjabi/North indian one of the favourite dish/recipe here you might have notice that we didn't add water to this dough the water content from the curd and also from sugar is more than enough for the dough The dough mixture will be soft now now we can just sprinkle a very little amount of water first time ever in this recipe now press, rotate, push the dough, mix well for 4 minutes Now the dough will be hard again so we need to keep the dough for 2 hours, it will become soft we shall add little bit of oil for preventing the dough from dryness again mix the dough for 2 minutes Now the dough preperation for making bhatoora is ready let's wait for 2 hours after 2 hours let's see how the dough is now you can feel now that the dough is so soft and easy to prepare small round balls let's start preparing bhatoora now rub a little oil now start to circle the dough using the rolling pin it should be thick in and around the circle so that it helps the bhatoora to puff out let's try to roll all the balls to same diameter look at the thickness and is evenly on all side heat oil in a kadai after the oil is overheated, start to dip a bhatoora press evenly all the sides for puffiness flip over and press the area in which the puffiness is needed wow see the bhatoora, it's puffing out fry the bhatoora till you can notice golden brown all over evenly, a lot of flip over and press is required to get a fine bhatoora we shall see again on how to fry bhatoora patience is required, a little time consuming recipe have it once a month or so, as this is a maida recipe, Our Bhatoora is ready to serve, this is very tasty with channa/chola/kondai kadalai masala, you can try to prepare the same gravy from my channel Please share the video, like the video and share your comments below Thank you

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