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Brintha’s Cookery Show – Crispy KFC Chicken Fry Recipe | சிக்கன் வறுவல் | கோழி வறுவல் Samayal Tamil



Hi friends, welcome to Brintha's Cookery Show Today we will see how to prepare/cook Crispy Chicken Fry

let's see the ingredients for this dish/recipe Let's Cook Tasty Crispy Chicken Fry Place all the chicken pieces in a large size bowl let there be no water on the chicken pieces after washing add turmeric powder add Chilli powder, according to your taste black pepper powder ginger garlic paste lemon juice salt mix all the said ingredients add the well beaten egg rice powder – 2 teaspoon mix well again always salt and chilli should be added according to our taste/requirement let this magnet be set aside for 1/2-1 hour, (half and hour to one hour) our chicken magnet is ready now after 45 minutes

let's add the breadcrumbs, and set aside this mixture for 5 minutes if bread crumbs is not available then you can take the oats after one grind (Grind once the required amount of oats and use that powder/crumbs) The final outcome/result will be even crispier if used oats see the changes after mixing with bread crumbs Let's take some amount of oil in the kadai and start the flame for deep fry

oil is ready now, let's fry you can see that i didn't use any food colors here, I have used the red chilli powder for color and taste you can see here the coating of the bread crumbs on the chicken it won't seperate at the time of deep fry in the oil in the shops/hotels/restaurant/KFC you can see the chicken more crispier as it is done through oats crumbs More food colors are used in the street foods, so please avoid outside foods and start cooking at home

see the chicken fry is ready let's take out turn off the stove now Crispy chicken fry is ready to serve, as you can see we can prepare/cook easily at home, all the ingredients are usually available at home, it's a easy process to prepare the crispy chicken fry, If you like the dish/recipe, please subscribe for more videos, like, share the video, after tasting once at home please comment below the video

Source: Youtube

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