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Brintha’s Cookery Show – Crispy Onion/Pyazi Pakoda/Pakora/Fritters Recipe


[UltraVid id=269 ]Welcome to Brintha’s Cookery Show Today we will see how to cook/prepare/make Onion/Pyazi Pakoda/Pakora/Pakode/Fritters Please note down the ingredients Let’s Cook Tasty Crispy Onion Pakoda Start with the onion slices in a bowl Add Green Chillies Add Coriander Leaves Ginger Garlic Paste Mix well Add 1/2 Cup Gram Flour Add 2 Tea Spoon Rice Flour Add Red Chilli Powder As per your taste – spicy taste required. Garam Masala Mix Well Required amount of salt Mix Well Hing (Asafoetida) Very little water Don’t add too much water as onion will also release water while cooking so just sprinkle a bit or water stop when you get similar to this mix This is the perfect mixture for crispy onion pakoda Now ready to fry Heat the oil in a kadai Take a small ball of the mixture and start frying in the oil High flame is perfect for getting crispiness of onion pakoda Fry till the onion pakoda balls get golden brown Now the pakoda is ready to be taken out from the oil we need to stop frying the onion pakoda till the form of bubbles resides in the beginning the bubbles were more now after the onion pakoda is well cooked the bubbles are less this denotes that the fry is pefect and ready to take out of the oil see now the onion pakoda is ready to serve it’s very hot now See this is the hot crispy onion pakoda and it’s ready to serve It’s a very nice evening snacks you too try at home once if you like the dish/recipe, please subscribe for more videos, like the video and share the video. Thank you very much.

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