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British Cook – Cornish Pasty Recipe – REAL Locals Baking Recipe TOP SECRET



If you want to know how to make a REAL Cornish Pasty Recipe From a real Cornish Lad, Top Secret Recipe Keep watching Welcome to Cornwall! Land of beauty, mystery, Castles, smugglers and pirates! This is Cornwall This is a Cornish pasty INTRO MUSIC Welcome to British cook if you want to know how to make a real Cornish pasty recipe

locals recipe,top secret Just a quick bit of information, I know I don't sound Cornish I do live in Cornwalll

I was born here I love the place But I did have to learn how to speak again the age of 22 The ingredients for a real Cornish Pasty are Plain flour Potatoes Skirt beef onion, Swede Cornish butter and lard and of course carrots! Now if You ever see Carrots in a Pasty Recipe It aint a Pasty, Forget it No carrots ever first things first This is what we call a Swede in the UK

It's called a roo Rutabaga I think I'll put the word up in America It's also known as a yellow Swede as well in some parts of America gonna get this one cubed up So to cut the outside off And then we're going to cube this up into small cubes about half a centimeter across we need 175 grams of swede 175 grams If you chop this upfor the first time and you've not chopped one up before just be a little bit careful with it they are quite hard Cut sometimes when I'm making my Pastys I always do it in the same order First of all I cube the Swede like you've just seen I then chopped the onion This is one large yellow onion That's around about 300 grams

I'll put up in cup size now Don't forget I've got three special tips come up very shortly one large yellow onion around about 300 grams of onion And we put up in cup size now and don't forget if you enjoy this type of cooking and want to learn more about British food British culture, British cooking Or Cornish food, Cornish culture and course cooking click that subscribe button down below lots more coming up soon We're going to dices onion up quite small, but not too small So roughly chopped onion up like this nice big chunks well do this slice is very very finely so what you want to be doing is making small thin little slices of the potatoes and Don't let them get too wide if they get that big Just chop them in half Once you've prepared your vegetables your meat That's only one meat You can really put in a pasty In England it's called skirt If in America

You could use Chuck, and I think in France the similar is called Bavette In fact, Let me show you I got this delicious Cornish beef skirt from if you don't want to watch us no problem at all just skip All about 30 seconds I'll give you those three secret tips SILENT VIDEO SEQUENCE Here we are at Tywardreath outside the butchrs shop Charles HarrisBeen here for a very long time That's what a typical Cornish village might look like That's called Tywardreath, a very famous place in regards to writing and Daphne du Maurier House in the Strand This is skirt Creates a delicious beefy gravy when you cook it in a pasty beautiful These fatty bits if you get big chunks of fat, maybe take them off being honest this just adds to flavour This is what makes a Pasty so delicious We need 400 grams of skirt, and what we're doing we cut it into chunks I don't know if you're aware as well the pasty comes from mining originally the pasty is a traditional Cornish dish That was taken down the mines by the miners these mines used to go deep underground out under the water, miles deep! They used to take them down holding by crusts and eat them that way because they often used to get arnic or poysons on the fingers The ladies that used to sell that Pastys or the wives used to go to the mine shafts and shout down the mineshaft Oggy Oggy Oggy The shout would come back OI OI OI if they wanted a Pasty, so let's start cutting our strips across the strip To make it more tender into nice big meaty chunks

A pasty is a pretty serious thing It's protected by European Union laws It has to be made in Cornwall to be called a Cornish Pasty it has to be at least 12 and 1/2 percent meat And it has to have the ingredients in I've put in Good quality Cornish Beef So don't forget no carrots no Coriander ever for a Cornish pasty for me you need short crust pastry There's no other way You can go and buy it I'm going to show you quickly how to make your own pastry as well So if you enjoy this type of cooking don't forget to subscribe for free The subscribe button if flashing up now so if you want to party just like the locals make home try making this pastry as I Do it while I go through those three tips I mentioned at the beginning? It's gonna be worth waiting trust me So if you want pastry just like you saw on the photograph when you clicked and just like you on a video at the begining Give this try this is the only way to make it It's so good First up 500 grams of plain flour you can sieve it we're gonna be rubbing lard and butter into there anyway, so You don't really need to be honest the colder

We can make this pastry the better it will turn out I've even been known at times so that the flower in the fridge and a bag We're going to be using cold butter Making butter at home It's so cheap and easy it's really quick and really nice as well, and we're gonna be using lard Lovely lard delicious This is what makes the pastry so good so to add to the plain flour 125 grams of butter and 125 grams of lard I'm all going to do is we cube it up and mix it with my fingers You could use a machine if you wanted to mix it too, but don't overwork it and make it too hot Okay, so we've got our lard and and our butter all cubed up and then what I'm gonna Do is just let mix it into the flour and break it up my fingertips Okay, so that's roughly mixed in well add six tablespoons of water That's one, so six tablespoons of ice-cold water in there Give that a squeeze and the mix and start making that into that nice thick pastry So just mix that water in and round it into nice ball What we'll do now is pop that in the fridge for 20 minutes This is really worth doing in advance if you want have this lovely pastry and this pasty

It's a Beautiful thing lovely Cover it with cling film and pop at the fridge for 20 minutes So as soon as you pop your pastry in the fridge turn the oven on to about 210 degrees Celsius And that's coming up in Fahrenheit, right? Now three tips come in the next bit I promise you it's so much easier to show you with a pasty self rather than just talk about it That's why I'm gonna do three tips coming up keep watching Okay, so this has been the fridge now for about 20 minutes Quite nice a solid so what I'll do it's on the top and the four pieces They put a bit of flour down here, and then we'll roll out into a circle shape cut into four pieces see how that's changed, the pastry it's gone nice and compact now, so we're gonna roll these out one by one to four different pasties Try and use plain flour if you can pop a bit of that down Into small sort of round ball pop it down there We roll it out into a nice big circular area Don't forget if you want a real Cornish pasty experience as three tips that are coming up Trust me you're gonna really want to see what they are Grab yourself a nice big plate a nice big bowl and just trim off those edges We're looking for a nice round circle shape So we can make our pasty now It's time to mix our ingredients together And go with a sliced potatoes In goes the dice swede in goes the chopped onion in goes the skirt on Top of that at this point you want to put in at least one tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of pepper it sounds like a lot, but you want a lot of seasoning in this pasties Give that a good mix together If you've ever been to Cornwall and you've tried a pasty

Let me know in the comments down below As I said, there's still three tips on the use just to make this pass you come out absolute perfectly So keep watching, so just get an egg and whisk it up What would it do before we start putting the filling in just go around the edge of here? Just create a little bit of a seal so when we come crimping a minute first What moisten it up a little bit Secondly it ensures that you get a good seal there when you get a crimp on This one a little bit if it does get a little bit Just push it back together as best You can don't when we fold over a minute with this mixture take about 1/4 mixture And you want to put it in one half So I'm we've falling over this way so in a pop mine Now like that I'm gonna try and make sure you've got a bit of everything in there some people do layer it lot I said I do you know a lot of people layer it Don't don't think it makes a massive difference plus It's a bit of pick-and-mix First tip coming up right now, so we've got a pasty And we want to make some gravy inside if we can while it's baking without messing around with the ingredients too much so first tip number one Get some flour just a little bit of flower And pop that on top of it Tip number two This is where it gets interesting I've got a video on how to make Cornish clotted cream at home I always put a good dollop of clotted cream in my pasties I know this isn't on the original recipe but people been doing this for donkey's years As long as Pasty's have been around Chuck a little bit of clotted cream on there just on top it melts with the flour This is tip number two and makes a lovely gravy So when you put the flour in the clotted cream on top just a little bit of that if you want to know how to? Making clotted cream at home It's so cheap and so easy I've got a video that coming up right now Making clotted cream at home saves you a fortune compared to supermarkets you can go to Supermarket on a Sunday afternoon or a Monday evening when the reductions have been done And you always find cream to make clotted cream with so have a look at that now

You need to carefully lift this over well Just push that down Now when are you doing this? you might find the filling comes out a little bit if that's the case just Try and do it gently so you can either push the filling up or Remove the filling completely so what we're going to be doing next is crimping it together We need a good Centimeter or so pastry to do that just let flatten that down a little bit And I probably got the camera wrong position shows But when you want to crimp you want to basically push the pastry down as I have done Just flatten around the edges make sure you've got nothing poking out there You need to pull the pastry towards You fold it over and push it down Pull it towards you fold down and push it down pull it push it down, so When you finished crimping the path make a small hole with a fork on top reason is you want to be I would let the steam come out a little bit and also What we're going to be doing is putting some liquid in there about 20 minutes before it finishes off tip number three how to make a moist Pasty maybe put a little bit of water in there Just it comes to the end of cooking Okay, so a little bit better on a second pasty see it's still not perfect but Make the hole Then we're going to glaze it like we have done with this one So we're gonna put this pasty in the oven at 210 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes After 15 minutes, we're gonna turn the oven down to 180 degree Celsius So that's 210 then 180 I'll put that all up in writing now Now that's what you call a proper Cornish pasty look at that size of them Beautiful so there we go three pastys I've made four the fourth is on a different tray out of the oven 210 degrees the first 15 minutes Then you want to put on to 180 for about 45 to 50 minutes Absolutely delicious these are huge absolutely huge these pastys it take up a big cross ring like that look at that delicious Give this recipe a try you will not regret it if you haven't subscribed already feel free to subscribe And please share this video as much you can share it everywhere show everyone How easy it is to make delicious cornish pasties Okay, so it's the moment of truth

I'm going to show you what it looks like inside my last pasty video A six kilo pasty starting it straight away here We go nice thick Look at that nice thick crust held all together beautiful inside nothing like it lovely moist delicious

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