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Bruleed St. Louis-Cut Grilled Ribs By Ryan Scott | Rachael Ray Show



At my house, this is how you eat the ribs right here Let's jump into now my other version of ribs

what are you doing? Alright so, here is my St Louis ribs I love these because they have just a little bit more meat on them than the baby backs Ready to see Rachael get really happy here? Watch this To stick my spice rub on top of my ribs, I put

Mustard! Yellow mustard, yeah (audience applause) Yeah Well, here's the thing

Think about what is yellow mustard? It's a seed, like a chimichurri You have acid, you have oil, you have all that great stuff Right right right Give me that over there So here's what we're going to do

We're gonna hit this and then go high, my friend, go high Yes baby, make it rain Make it rain with Make it rain! And almost do too much when it comes to the spice here, okay? And here's the thing You can let these sit for another four to eight hours if you want, or just go on the grill real quick But I put these in the oven — Right At 250 degrees Low and slow

Low and slow And the ribs get really tender, so I'm gonna pop these bad boys in here (Rachael grunts) Okay? So they go on top of this guy Now It smells so good in here So good Here's now where I wanted to Rachael-fy these I wanted to really make these amazing, so I take a little mixture here of some water and some sugar and watch this

I'm going to make a paste It's almost like a culinary rub, okay? Right And watch this, Rach Check this out I'm going to put this sugar mixture on top of the ribs that baked and chilled, okay, so about four hours

You can finish them on the grill or bring them out hot Do me a favor, take a little bit more sugar Put them directly on top of that, like make a crust More Here's the thing

Watch your hair, girlfriend Oooh! (laughs) Yes, I'm sayin' this I'm making brulee'd St Louis Ribs! (audience cheers) Check this out That's ridiculous

Hold on, hold on You see, you could ice skate on them Okay, well — Look at them! Alright, watch this Did you see these? Look at this! Alright, camera guy It is a creme brulee'd rib! Listen

(dull tapping sound) Unreal Alright, mama (audience applause) You ready? Unreal! Unreal! So look Now, can I just say that you should make this, you should make this really soon because it's probably going to be illegal in 40 out of 50 states really shortly Hey guys, I'm pairing these with Bush's Best BBQ Baked Beans

They're sweet, they're zingy, and they got a, boop, little kick to 'em too And when we cook with Bush's in kitchen is it gonna make us go boop? Boop Same time One more, one more time Ready

Three, two, one Boop By the way, I'm not giving you any of these These are absolutely delicious (audience applause) That's crazy

And here's the thing about them Here's a simple technique that you just roast in the oven You got to finish with some really cool techniques, like chimichurri, like the brulee'd sugar on top They're amazing I don't have a spoon

And the next day I've got spoons I'm not an animal all the time

I do have occasional utensils Try them with the beans I love Bush's beans, we make 'em Yeah, I like the zestiness The sugar, how it goes off of it

Right, is that good, take a moment I gotta go brush my teeth (audience applause) I ate so many beans and meat ribs

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