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My big love for minced meat and burger patties it's not surprising to all of you that have been watching us It's been a long time since I've shared with you a good burger patty recipe

So, I think it's time today it gives you another recipe This time, I'll be mixing three types of meat; pork, beef and lamb A very good selection of spices and herbs will give us an excellent result Let's see all these, step by step Burger patty recipe with three types of meat Hello dear friends! I'm Yorgos (George) Mallioras and along with my brother Andreas we construct grills and ovens

Our passion for grilling and also cooking is great and we share it with you on our YouTube channel "Grill philosophy" and also our facebook page "Greek bbq club" Every Thursday we have a new recipe for you to gather your friends Because getting together with our company is what this is all about Happy grilling to everyone! The spices It's time for the spices As I've told you many times before, it's best to process the spices' seeds in a mortar and bash them well to bring out their full flavor

Let's start! For 2 kg (435 lb) minced meat we will use 3 grams (011 oz) of black peppercorns, 1 gram (004 oz) cardamom, 1 gram (004 oz) of cumin seeds and we'll bash all these in the mortar to release all of their oils

This way our dear friends will get you the full aroma out of the spices You have to be patient at this stage for an excellent result After bashing the spices well, you will add the salt 30 grams (11 ounces) of salt for 2 kg (435 lb) of minced meat

I prefer fleur de sel for better flavor You could also use unprocessed, thick salt We now bash all these together This way we get a scented salt, that will spread the spices' aroma throughout the coin It's ready

The mince and its preparation As I told you, today we are making burger patties with 3 types of meat; pork, beef and lamb I've chosen free range pork, specifically 1200 grams (265 lb) of pork sirloin We have added 600 grams (13 lb) of beef flank and 200 grams (0

4 lb) of minced lamb from the leg part The first thing we do is add the spices with the salt We add and mix Add them gradually and mix well it spread evenly throughout the coin The spices smell so good! After a good good kneading, it's time to add in the mixture 300 grams (11 ounces) of finely chopped onions and 2 garlic cloves crushed, as well

You need to mix well to spread them evenly, especially the garlic We're not done yet We will also add 50 ml of olive oil for 2 kg (435 lb) of coins We may have to add a little water to give extra moisture in the coin, but only if it's necessary

It's best to have a soft mix of coins at the end, not a tough one Water will help us in grilling properly the patties and will keep them juicy This is like the texture we are looking for, it could be even softer We add as much water as necessary to get the texture we want Up to 50 ml of water, it's ok

The coin is ready We can leave it outside the fridge for 2-3 hours to rest and let it get all the scents Or, if we want to do this for a longer period, we have to refrigerate the coin Lighting the fire and grilling Today, we use our new briquettes again for grilling We place alcohol soaked cotton balls on the top of the pile, because the charcoals light upside down, from top to bottom

Easily, quickly and without smoke Until the charcoals are fully lit, we can prepare the coin I want to grill some meatballs on three small spits, too I'm going to grill them along with aubergine, meatballs combined with aubergines I've made a similar recipe in the past, that you will find at the link above

It includes only meatballs with aubergines So today, I'm skewering meatballs with aubergines We start with the aubergine and then go the meatball I will prepare 2-3 skewers like this one The charcoals have been lit evenly as always and rather fast, I would say

We spread them inside the fire cabin Evenly It's easy to do so with these briquettes They can be uniformly distributed, because they are small So you can spread them evenly inside the cabin

The heat is too strong That's why we throw charcoal ash on them A lot of ash on the top of the charcoals! This is a good way to control the level of heat And the grilling starts! Next to the spits we grill the patties We always grill on a clean grilling grate

I shape the coin into 120 grams (423 oz) patties and I place them while the grilling grate is still cold This way they will not stick For this, there's another thing we're going to do later on The patties have an elongated shape, because it's easier for me to hold them with my tongs

After having placed them on the grate, we're going to move them slightly or lift them up, since this helps to avoid sticking I'm not going to grill all the patties at once, because the fire is so strong and it's a shame to waste the charcoals We're turning them over early and we move them to avoid sticking Here you can see that we do not have to do anything for the meatballs They are being grilled by themselves Of course, we expect them to taste differently, because the flavor changes when changing the way of grilling

We always have to be quick the first time we're turning them over This move also helps us to avoid sticking and gives the patties a crust on both sides Let's grill some potatoes, too On rotation They match with any minced meat recipe

We keep on turning them Now, less often than we did at the beginning, but we have to turn them over to grill them evenly and to prevent them from sticking on the grate We can also change positions, because wherever the fire is stronger, the grilling is faster So, it's best to change their spot over the fire, if we want to remove them all at once The person in charge of grilling must always check before turning

Now we're leaving them for a longer period without turning them over, but we're checking them Here I can see the aubergines are ready The meatballs will be ready for a while It looks like we're having them first As an appetizer! Checking and turning

At this point we're going to check the internal temperature See how much longer we'll have to wait Internal temperature 61 ° C (142 ° F) This is going well Let's check another one 61 ° C (142 ° F) We're grilling them for a little longer to get a nice color and we're removing them

We want them to be juicy, so this is a critical point We have to carefully choose when to remove them We do not want them to dry We got the temperature At 70 ° C (158 ° F) we are ready to remove them

Our meatballs are ready I can tell by their color They are small at size, so we do not have to check the temperature here By checking the aubergine, we can tell it's ready After covering for 6-7 minutes, we are ready for the big moment The testing

First we take the skewer out of the meatballs, because they are my personal favorite and probably my lunch The scents are amazing Let's try one Checking if they are juicy and indeed they are very juicy Let's see how they taste

They are fully scented, tender and juicy A great recipe Let's try a meatball This is also juicy, even though it was small It tastes just as good

It has a hint of aubergine flavor It's best to eat the meatball and the aubergine together The aubergine is so juicy, too What a great taste! -Guys! Are you ready to try these? -Yes! -Shall we wish Happy grilling to our friends watching? Happy grilling to you all! From our company here

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