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Burrata with Crispy Brussels Sprouts and Tangy Cured Egg Yolk | Dads That Cook



(guitar music) – We're gonna make some burrata right now This is a little snack

Brussel sprouts galore – [Jason] Little chips – [Guest Chef] Yup, for the past four days, when I found out that this was going to be happening, I've been curing egg yolks in salt – You gotta explain to me how this works because I've never seen anything like this before – Alright, well I want you to hold on to that guy

(popping noise) – [Jason] And you rinsed that off – [Guest Chef} You rinse it off – So, sugar and kosher salt and all you did – And sea salt – And sea salt

– And then there's a bed – Kosher salt, sea salt – Bed of Himalayan sea salt – Kosher salt, sea salt and sugar – Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore

– I can't do it, I can't! – Sally sells – Anyway, all you did was take the yolks and you put it in this – Get rid of the embryo, get rid of all the whites – Right – And then boom – And then boom, just stick it in there and let it sit in the fridge for how long? – Let it sit in the fridge

Four days, five days – Four or five days – And then you put it in the oven – Oven for? – 185 – 185 degrees

– 190 – 190 – About 15, 20 – 15, 20 minutes – Let that steam out

– Boom – [Jason] Pull those out – They're pretty firm already and this is what you're looking for A nice opaque color A nice amber, firm feel

Let's go ahead and deep fry some brussel sprouts How about that? – Let's get it Let's do it – And while that's going, we're gonna put some burrata on a plate and then after that, we're gonna eat – Bingo, sounds like a party over here

– Oh my goodness gracious (bubbling) Yeah buddy Come off the heat in here (mumbles) (bubbling) (guitar music) Boom, so while that's going on, we're gonna degrease these bad boys, kind of shake them off a little bit here Little bit of sea salt (crunching) How's that taste? – Oh that's good

– Sea salt, that good? Little meaty? – Oh, that's yummy – Isn't that nice? (crunching) – Nice and crispy – Yeah buddy, Tony – Those are good What do you wanna do with the burrata? – I'd love it if you wanna start pulling that out and throwing it on a plate here

– Sure Not much liquid in there? – [Guest Chef] There's not? – [Jason] Not much – [Guest Chef] That's a very good sign – Ah, look at that, you just want me to lay it out? – Yeah, let's do three different piles We'll throw the brussels right on top and then we'll let you do the honors – Oh look at that

– Of microplaning the – I don't even know if you need three piles Yeah, there's no liquid coming out of these bags – Whew, that's good, that's good – This is all cheese happening Look at that! Okay, awesome, so we got some burrata

This is amazing burrata – I actually haven't seen burrata come in such a small package that – Is that big – That's that big We've got two pieces of nice burrata right here We're gonna put them right over – Stick them right on top

– Sprinkle them right over the top – Wow, look at that – I'm just gonna go right on top? – [Guest Chef] You're just gonna shave it like it's parmesan cheese – [Jason] Okay – [Guest Chef] Right on top

– Alright, so oh my god, check this out – [Guest Chef] Not that – [Jason] Get it Yeah What do you think? – [Guest] I think the guy can cook

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