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Butter Grilled Ribs .. Mind blowing good!!!



Yo Pitmasters, what's up? Today I'm doing a different kind of BBQ Today we will barbecue these beautiful Iberico ribs

Look at it! That's pure taste Pork ribs of the highest quality Look That's the good stuff Genuine pork ribs of the Iberico breed

They have an immense taste And we want to keep that We want to keep the core of these pork ribs And that's taste That's what we want to make sure when grilling that they keep their pork flavor

I have already lit the coals in my Napoleon Kettle-Pro I put in a priming cube, lit it and a mountain of coal formed around it We use the smaller pieces for this They are completely annealed, the coals are beautiful white Time to distribute it

Now we put on the beautiful cast-iron grill Look at this beauty This grill is perfect for the ribs and the way we prepare them We will grill them over direct heat on a high level And this grill has a high level, look

You can put the grid lower on normal level, but also to the high level, if there is more distance between coal and meat I close the bottom air damper almost completely, because I want to grill the ribs at low temperature You like fried chicken, Morrison? I think we should give them another six months What do you think, Denise? You do not like fried chicken? You like fried chicken, yes? That's what they are there for! Now we season the ribs with little salt Actually, I mean not a little, I really want to have the salty taste strong

It's the only spice we sprinkle on it right now That's why we can use it properly You may have noticed that we did not remove the membrane This is the silver skin on the back of the ribs There is a good reason for that

If you're making ribs low n 'slow, you definitely want to remove them But if you grill it, it's the perfect protection against direct heat This keeps the ribs nice and juicy Time to put the nice ribs on the grill They go directly over the fire

Make sure they fit because they are really big You may get scared and think it's going much, way too fast And yes, it's a little faster But that's the point These ribs will finish much faster than you are used to

And they will be so good! Look at it Now we close the lid so that no fat burns We leave only a small slit open on the upper vent * This sentence makes no sense, so it is omitted * Unlike smoked ribs, you always have to be careful with them and stick to them You have to check and make sure they do not burn

Or that they are too crispy As you can see, we have already got some crust on the bottom So it's important to take care that you have the chance to spin or move them, that they can cook evenly Look Look at the silver skin, which crisps on, but protects the meat

Close the lid and allow it to continue cooking Typical American BBQ ribs usually give a lot of flavor by a rub and by BBQ sauce on it And that's because the cut was the cheapest one could find It has raised the taste, they have tasted good , But these ribs are of high quality, which are expensive

They already taste good You do not have to do anything with them but sprinkle a bit of salt on them and grill them They are okay Of course we give it a little more flavor That's why we make a

Butter Butter sauce It could be a song, a rap song

We start with 250g butter We add the juice of a lime, a lemon and an orange We chop some chives A little chopped parsley And a toe garlic

And now only a little salt and pepper is missing Sprinkle some Maldon salt on it And finally some freshly ground black pepper Let's mix that up and it will make our buttery sauce a brush Wow, look at these ribs

Look The bones look out And the color, that's crazy It was golden They look so awesome, abnormally good

And that's what makes coal, ribs and a little salt for you It turns these beautiful ribs into something special Golden Ribs, look at them We put them back on the grill, because we want to put the butter on it We have to keep the lid closed, that

Hello Morrison, are you still there? Can you still see me? Bad We want to keep the lid closed most of the time to prevent that the fat begins to burn and thereby burn the ribs That would be an absolute no-go

Time to brush the butter on it We add flavor, look The butter melts, the herbs are distributed Garlic, parsley It's starting to burn here

High time to close the lid We do not want to risk the ribs burning because of the butter We get a fat burn if the lid stays open And we get fat burn if the ribs stay on it too long So we'll take it down right now

Look Holy Mother Maria That looks so good The smell of the ribs just makes me happy That's so good, I can not wait to crop it up

But we have to wait, definitely wait I think most of the salt was rinsed with the fat from the ribs That's why I still sprinkle something about it

The salt will merge with the fat This will make it even better Like a knife through butter, it just breaks through My favorite part of the video is here Time to taste the ribs

Look at the color, the beautiful mahogany-brown, the golden-brown That means we have smoke, we have grilled taste It means we have juicy, tender ribs You have the best of both methods Here we go

That's the perfect bite, look It's tender even though we only grilled it At 140 ° C for just over an hour Barbecuing ribs is almost like barbecuing them It's not like grilling a steak at high temperature

It's more of a way to cook It allows the fat to drip into the coal This fits great together and makes a smoky taste on the ribs At the same time, the flames and radiant heat work on the ribs and form a nice crust outside With just a little salt they taste heavenly

Of course you have to start with good meat, followed by a good technique and finally taste of the butter This will get you these beautiful ribs Oh my God Are you hungry, Morrison? Something A little bit? Just a bit? Or more like this? I do not mind

Come here, Denise I hope you enjoyed the video If so, leave me a thumbs-up and a comment I would like to know what you think, what you prefer Have you ever had ribs grilled? I have to know that

Commented below I hope I see you again next time A big thank you to all Patreon and YouTube members Until then: Eet smakelijk and keep on grillin '! (Bon Appetit and continue grilling!)

Source: Youtube

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