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Butternut Squash in a Skillet quick and easy recipe



Chef Buck here and today we're gonna cook up some squash of all of these squash I can cook this one the quickest this is a butternut squash spaghetti squash we love spaghetti squash we got a lot of spaghetti squash rice peas I'll put some links around all our our squash recipes camera girl break it's a really good acorn squash dish and I'll have a link to that this here is a kombucha squash beats me now all these squash you can slice them in half and then you can put them on a baking tray and roast them in the oven but butternut squash cook in a skillet now this is a dinky one usually no I buy a butternut squash it's like two times or three times the size of this this is a smallest one I ever got but you know we're just gonna use it for one meal so I didn't need a lot so I'm just gonna whack off the end boom boom not a lot just a wee little bit just to get the skin off of here and the thing is the skin on a butternut squash it's very thin in fact if you had a peeler you could just peel it just like you would an apple or a potato or something like that we're we're in the new kitchen and then now you know it's a very well outfitted kitchen but I can't find a peeler you know that that I recognize as a peeler so I'm just going to slice the skin off with my knife which is very easy as well I got to mention something too so you notice that I whacked it I cut it in half before I started peeling it you know because it's gonna be easier to peel and I don't want to waste the squash so I'm trying just to get off the skin and not not cut away too much of the flesh of the squash boom-boom-boom and I'll do the same with this here although it won't be as easy that's gonna require a little more artistry but but fortunately I'm kind of an artist in the kitchen this looks like a job for super fast cam and look at that I kind of retained some of its bulbous shape so I didn't waste too much of it tidy it up here around the bottom now the top of this is something you know it's just a bunch of squash in here boom boom boom but the bottom bulbous part is gonna be full of seeds so we're gonna want to dig these seeds down here how did you know that chef Bob is that a feeling and this is very easy to get these seeds out of here just want to get your spoon and dig around in here and just pull it out you know it's just like the inside of a pumpkin it's just like pumpkin seeds so you could roast them dry them in rows you could roast them but we're not gonna be hanging around here enough to do any roasting now I'm gonna cut these up into some small pieces because I'm gonna cook them in the skillet now the size that you cut these will determine how long it takes to cook I mean you can make it super mushy in fact you could cook it down and you can even blend it and turn it into a soup so we're just gonna chop it up into some kind of smallest pieces you know so that'll cook relatively quickly you know they don't have to be you know crazy uniform but you know you don't want to have a bunch of pieces this size and then you know boom and then a couple pieces that size you know but you want them to be sort of you know in the same ballpark a size so that they'll cook the same tone so now once we got our squash all chopped up we'll come over here to the stove stove Eastover some now we're gonna cook up our squash in a skillet put me a little bit of oil in here and heat it up not a lot I'm gonna get that heated up and this is a super simple recipe kind of a coconut butternut squash very flavorful doesn't take a lot of ingredients skillets cutting he's up there let me throw the squash in here so we'll stir it around to get our squash oiled up like bodybuilders let's throw a lid on here let it cook away for a couple minutes before I add any seasoning you wrap back she goes for about two minutes to get it turning around a little bit in the skillet let it go for another couple of minutes all right I so see going for a couple more minutes I'm gonna go ahead and reduce the temperature down to a medium low a little bit of salt right here I'm gonna add this in here add a little bit of pepper you fresh the ground and then I got some sugar there's two tablespoons of sugar you know you can adjust that you don't even have to put any sugar in here you don't even have to put any sugar the sugar and seasoning mixed up here with the squash Wow spicy buck didn't even put cumin no seeds no nothing we're keeping it super simple let me get a little bit of a port here so we can so we can feel it because these are super small pieces they're still kind of firm going in here with the fork but not you know we're not that far away right now I've been cooking for about six minutes but this isn't a dish that takes a long time because I cut up the pieces kind of finely so we're just gonna let it go until these get tender enough to Colin into the dish and then we're gonna add the coconut mat I'll check on it in a couple of minutes we'll see how it's doing all right so it's been a few more minutes no super duper I get some nice color on my squash here on the team and I could serve it just like this you know I could go ahead and put this on a plate very flavorful too hot to eat but it'd be a night kind of semi savory you know I especially if you left the sugar off of there but it's not overly sweet but I'm going to add a little bit of coconut milk to it turn this into a coconut butternut squash kind of a double nut dish but I'm going to go ahead and stir it around this coconut and I've had it cooking with a lid on it but I'm gonna go ahead and let it cook away here just for a few minutes with the lid off let this thicken up a little bit I'll usually put a whole can of coconut in here when I do this dish but usually I have a butternut squash that's twice the size of this so if you get a regular head size butternut squash use a whole team I'm just going to use half but I'm going to go ahead and lower it all the way down to love and then I'll just let this coconut thicken up a little bit and then that'll be it that'll be the end of the dish well we'll go ahead and give it a couple minutes – and – as mr Waller says I didn't get the reference oh you didn't get the two into reference Chuck Woolery from home with the dating show I can't they say Chuck Woolery be like my bag too – I used to watch it show a lot I'd see those people on that show and I thought if they can do it I know I've been talking so much now I think we're finished all right boom I'm gonna turn the heat off butternut squash with coconut what a great combo well boom boom a little bit of coconut butternut squash if you want to take a look at this recipe you know I'll have it written down below you can go down there and check it out if you want to print it go to MyFoodChannel

com you can print all our recipes over there thanks for watching hit the bell gong subscribe bail subscribe like it say bye bye buck bye bye but Oh

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