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Cách Nấu Hoàng Thánh |How To Cook Wonton |Nhamtran FV



Please subscribe to the channel (Subscribe) and share to everyone to watch for fun Scallion / Scallion 3 bulbs of Su Hao / Kohlrabi bulbs Onion / Onion 1kg bone / Pipe bone 300gr lean shoulder grind / Len shoulder Wonton / purple onion Already prepared / Already prepared

Cook Salt Boiled 2 minutes Medium cut Cut into small pieces Put in marinated meat Cook the broth Put in to cook Salt Pepper Salt mgs Scent meat Fish cauce For 30 minutes Skim Cook another 60 minutes Wonton pack Wonton pack Boil the wonton Cut into pieces Boil the wonton Boil 3-5 minutes Done Let's eat! Thank you for watching! Please subscribe to the channel (Subscribe) and share for everyone to watch for fun

Source: Youtube

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