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Cách nấu nước màu dừa – How to cook coconut caramel



Here is cooking coconut water (To cook) (Coconut water) This is how many liters he cooked into a liter he? (Liter) Dozens of liters, get one liter again But thirty liters of water is – thirty liters of coconut water Well, how long will it last? – One liter of two bottles How long does it take to cook? – Cook one day a night One day a night thirty liters into a liter? – Ừ – Cook for twenty-four hours? – Right (Boil and stir 30 liters of coconut juice for about 24 hours until it becomes coconut caramel) That's it! – Cooked all the time, cooked, riu riu so that I think it's fast cooking

Cook one day and one night for too long – Ờ It's long gone It's exhausted Cook over the large pot so that it is less than the new pan through the pan down What is the current bottle you sell? Coconut water bottle sixty thousand Half liter / raw bottle Coconut water This is my home cooked coconut juice, but not what the words

Firewood is not enough

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