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Cách Thức Xào Tôm Hùm Chua Ngọt | How To Cook Vietnamese Lobsters with Sweet and Sour Sauce (ep.#10)



Hello and welcome to our channel, Bếp Nhỏ Thơm Ngon Today is Mother's Day! We'd like you to join us in making such delicious dish, "Lobster with Sweet and Sour Sauce" Let's begin cooking, okay? Let's apply a thin coat of tapioca starch over all of the pieces of lobsters, and mix them all up and we're going to deep fry the lobsters Isn't it fun cooking together? 😜 Of course, baby! 😘 We continue to deep fry all of the lobsters until they are all done Be patient, this process is going to take some time While you are deep frying the lobsters, your spouse can work on something else… by getting the lobster's gold cooked Starting with garlic, then add all lobster's gold in, stir well until cooked Once cooked, you don't have to mix with the lobsters You can serve separately Now add a little bit of garlic in then add tomatoes, mushrooms, and pineapples After a minute or two, then add cucumbers in And then lastly, add the bell peppers and red onions in After a couple of minutes, remove them all out onto a plate Now we are on with the sauce by adding ginger in first, and stir fry it for a minute or so Then add all garlic in Now let's add and cook all of the sauce Once it's boiling, let's add the corn starch mixed with water in Just add enough to your liking You can also double check to make sure it tastes to your liking 😜 Now let's add the lobsters in

and mix them all up nicely then add the rest in That looks so inviting and delicious! 😜😜😜 Wow, this really looks AMAZING!!! Happy Mother's Day to all MOMS and MOMS-TO-BE!!! Oh wow, this is good I like the big claws, so yummy!!! Hmm, the sauce is so tasty, man! This is amazing! Imagine how much this plate of lobsters would cost at a restaurant Until next time, have a happy, healthy and peaceful day Thank you for watching Take care!

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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