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CAKE CHALLENGE – Ayu Vs Anu l Mother's Day 2020 l Cook With Asha



Happy mothers day to you (Music is playing) How shall I praise you mom Mom, in front of your motherhood God is less Love you mom! Happy mothers day

Happy morther's day to all the mother watching this video And guys if you all of our age then remember Your love is the favourite gift of your mom So today we our making cake for our mom But twist is must Mom can you explain

What twist have you put in this? Twist is that both will make cake only Anu and Ayu will make cake only But with different things And they will be blind folded while choosing They will make cake from the things they choose guys l like baking and cooking very much

So now lets start I am poor in cooking You put your blindfold No, no No dealing

Today you have to make it on your own I will see who will make best cake for mom You can take 2-2 cookies Oh my god! I have got both chocolate I got Parle-G and oreo l like both

I was thinking that l will get parle-g and oreo But l like this very much I have got 1 choco-chip cookie and 1 bourbon I wanted oreo Now you both choose your cake teen

I took first So where is second Oh l like both I like circle I like square

So second is Decoration So guys till now all is going well with me

Mine too Okay, close your eyes Mine will be very chocolaty Close your eyes Lets go

So now you both At least tell what are we choosing There is 2 thing pick 1-1 Baking soda

What is this? I have got baking powder You have got baking soda It is one only Both are use for baking purpose Isn't it mom? What is this? That is baking soda and this is baking powder

Next thing? How many have to choose? Yes choose 2-2 Okay 321go Oh l have got whipping Yes l have got milk compound Andthis sprinkle I have got whipping and chocolate Its a perfect match Chocochips And last is this butter and milk

Both need this She was wearing Both of you share this Yes Better is also put

Butter is put in this You need to grease And this is yours I will take this

I will take the bigger one I will take this So lets start making cake Anushka will do face makeup today With butter right? No then Ayu will eat my face

See guys we have blend this in the mixer Its ready I have done only for Parle-G otherwise colour would have change I want soil texture Parle-G is everyone's favourite we are eating since our childhood I have not only 100 but 500 years of blessings let's eat Parle cake

And also eat my chocolate cake Okay we have to mix milk with it Milk is disappering again and again Now you have to put baking powder I have got baking soda Baking powder I will put Just a little bit to put Mine is done Only baking soda is remaining to add How much I have to put, only one pinch ? Only 1 pinch ? Yes only 1 pinch See guys I knew so nicely So nice fragrance is coming of Parle biscuits Mom you are not praising me Parle smells great really

My one also smells great Parle is very nice Now put your batter in the tin But you said to do it like this Tin Mom not in us, we are also teen

In tin I have started before her how she have completed with me ? Hey Take it

Okay guys as mom explained We will put it in oven and bake Mine is very spongy and nice I feel to eat it right now But decoration is also important

So l will take one pink color and one green colour Now l will decorate So guys as you know mine is chocolate So mom has melt the chocolate Now we will put So guys I have some extra oreo for toppings I will decorate it

I will decorate with this chocochips too Come on let's start decorate the cake it should look beautiful Your friends should also make the cake on mother's day Look how I am spreading sprinkle on it To make it colourful My cake is too good So guys I have spread sprinkle on it

Now in this, I have kept this cookies purposely I had use last time in sweets Wow Ayu your cake is looking very delicous I feel like eat it right now See mom now I will make it bit colourful So guys my cake is ready, it looks very yummy but you can't see right now Now I will make 2-3 flowers on it

Show your cake is ready ? No I have wrote 'Maa' on it with difficulty Now I am thinking to put this in the corners See here this kids swimming pool is ready It is not a swimming pool My cake is ready My cake is also ready

See guys both of them made the cake Cake is too beautiful You can see it is my mom swimming pool See this is smiling see this is eyebrows, eyes, and face I have made mom's swimming pool Ayu see this is mom's swimming pool and this is her face Guys do comment and say whose cake is good ? Mom you have to judge which cake is good

I like both of the cakes My cake is too good One is is colourful and other is chocolaty Very chocolaty So friends Ayu Anu work hard and made this nice cake

You also make this cake for your mom she will like it If you like the cake than hit like share this video with your mom and whoever you know Share will all the moms And subcribe ''Cook with Asha'' channel You want us to reach 100k subscriber And friends if you has given your mom

Gift that is very innovative and you have tried this cake So post on your instagram account And don't forget to tag us

If you will tag so we will get to know Then we will repost and show you And also follow us on instagram In that we will upload our cake pictures also We will see you with a new video till then


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