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Cali Burrito Recipe



(upbeat music) (crowd cheering) Thank you You look gorgeous

Ah! This is Jordan Andino everybody He was named People Magazine's sexiest chef alive (crowd cheers) And he's here on our show with some Filipino recipes from his restaurant, NYC restaurant, it's NYC restaurant it's called Flip Sigi That's right Yeah, how long has that been open? Three years

Okay, 'cause the last time that you were here, was how long ago? That was like a year and a half ago, yeah? Probably, yeah Why am I taking so long to come back? Who are you, related to Mario Lopez? (laughing) That's what people say, people say that I look like him He's so cute too (laughs) Thank you Look, let's cook

Okay yeah, lets cook All right, so here's what we have I have two of my most favorite dishes from my restaurant You got my Dan Dan noodles, really spicy so be careful when I make it Okay And then my California burrito, inspired from my California upbringing

Okay Wanna get to cooking? Yes, you cook! Okay, I'll show you, I'll show you what's up All right, so really quick, be careful it's really spicy so I don't, you know Trying to avoid this raw yolk, I don't want a bird hatching in my throat (laughing) That's the only thing I have no appreciation for raw yolk but I'm gonna eat it

So, it's okay, it's okay, so look, ready? You have three different types of chilies you got some sriracha chili right here, if you like that spice some more spice, szechuan chili It's very good Yeah, and then right here, you got some sambal chili, also delicious Okay Okay, spice on spice, on spice But you wanna know what? And you know I love it spicy Oil

This is not killing me No, no This is good It's like good flavor, good spice there I hate it when it's spicy for no reason Yeah

You know? I agree, I agree Yeah Okay, so right here, very easy, mix up all of these together, oops Okay, once you have that, look at that nice little mix you got there see how delicious that is? Ramen noodles, take me back to college I know, so here's the thing, I grew up on ramen noodles so I wanna, like, elevate it and in a way that I can sell and people, you know, recognize what's up

Okay, so Is it, now what was that you put in? Okay, so this right here is ground beef and ground pork Okay So it's delicious Okay Then right here, we got the noodles, everyone here's had them, sure everyone's had some of those delicious noodles

Look at that, ooh, okay (crowd cheers) That is so very good Scallions right here toss it up and then, there you go Listen, where'd you learn how to cook? So my dad's a chef, right Oh

And my mom's a model and actress so I kind of was meant to be on TV and cooking Wow, yeah you were So, look at that! And there you have it, fried egg on top Very nice (crowd cheers) Voilà Now, at the restaurant, would you get insulted if I said, can you make the yolk a little bit better? 'Cause I love a fried egg No, not at all, 'cause listen Yolk hard I like to make food for the people, you know? All right, so but look, check this out What is that? This right here, this my special right here, this is my California burrito

Okay, who doesn't like- everyone loves french fries Ah, yeah So what you do is, you take the french fries and you put it into the burrito Okay, go ahead So watch this, ready? French fries, right on Oh my gosh, it really is french fries in there

There's french fries in the burrito Then you, then you take like a guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream mix you got onion, jalapeño, sour cream, lemon and avocado The meat is so tender Yeah, so there's pork belly and chicken, I just gave you some chicken in there Thank you

Then right here, some tomatoes and then, of course, you gotta have the actual meat, melted cheese, pork belly and chicken This is delicious and perfectly seasoned Thank you What is that? So, this is like a guacamole, sour cream mix it's delicious and it has like- try it It's good, it's good

It's good right? And then, what you do is, you just take it here, fold it up nice and tight and then you gotta toast this, toast the seal right here And then, what you end up having is a nice, kind of toasted burrito Where are you located in the city? So I'm on West 10th and Hudson in the West Village and, you know, my goal is, it's like a small Filipino tacoria and what I wanna do, is I wanna introduce Filipino food A tacoria To, like, the American masses So it's never been done before, but, you know, Filipino food, I'm Filipino, gotta represent

And we're the masses This is very good It's good right? Are you single? I'm spoken for, but I will say, you know, I got my family members, my uncles, my brothers, you know? Yeah A bunch of us that look like this But that's okay, that's okay, spoken for

And look at that Mm that's good too Mm see? I have to say, this is very, very delicious If you want more information on these recipes go to wendyshowcom Jordan, thank you so much for being here

Thanks for having me Ask Wendy is next Thank you (crowd cheering) (upbeat music)

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