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Call Me Maïté – How French cook a Carbonara with Allumettes ? I By Grantissime



Ciao Raga today I won't do the Italian accent And it's really difficult And after my video Spaghetti and ketchup (credit @didithedragon) "Ketchup e no pesto" That many people loved Italians even more, I will now make the Carbonara recipe It's for you my Italian friends Okey let's go So you must first boil water Okay ? So it's empty Now that the water is boiling, let's put some spaghetti What are we going to do with these spaghetti? We will not just put it in the water No no no no no We will take the spaghetti and we will not put it like that But we

will break and we will put them as well Little by little Hop la Then in order to do things right We will not put ham, no pork chop We will put that! What is that ? It's a kind of bacon We call it bacon in French So this is what we are going to put but not just any bacon These are matches And we put matches Because, I mean, you can put bacon But the matches are more or less better So now that it's open, in a stove Then you heat them But not too strong, not too slowly, medium heat Mezzo I believe So you take a wooden spoon to put the matches well We're just going to close this You can make them Aldente But I don't like it that much when it's Aldente So I'm going to let them boil a little bit more So it's now over We can see that the bacon is ready the pasta too Oh my god great And we are not going to wash it right away No no no We are going to put it there and prepare the following ingredient And what will be the next ingredient? " Light cream " to put in pasta Hop la Oh I'll put it all Yes, we put cream Some put light cream, others fresh cream Then the next ingredient We will put cheese Some will put gruyère or emmental cheese or parmigiano reggiano or padano Anyone can put whatever they want Okey Hop not too much, it is done You close You can put it at ????? Then you will wait for the cream to boil In fact, we don't all do it like that in France but it's my method because i like it You wait until it boils Now that it's boiling, so we are going to mix, we mix well Because of the cheese, it gives a certain thickness After that we take our pasta and you spill We will mix It's full of cream You can take your bacon And spill them with You mix, you mix Of course, don't forget to add a little salt, That's all that's how we make carbonara It's quite easy Every student in France knows how to do it So let me know what you think of this recipe Try it, you may be surprised Surprised to enjoy it Ciao Tutti Today I will Oh, I started to take the Italian accent again Ciao tutti Or maybe Ciao Raga I don't know

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