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CAN I MAKE A DAIRY QUEEN BLIZZARD VEGAN? | DQ Cheesecake Blizzard | Reeses Blizzard | The Edgy Veg



– And they're always like (gasps)! I got it to go upside down (upbeat music) All right

Do you guys remember being a kid and going with your parents, maybe it was after soccer practice or just on a super hot day, going to Dairy Queen and getting your favorite flavor of Blizzard? My favorite Blizzard was always the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, and today, I'm gonna try and flip it Hey, guys It's Candace, the Edgy Veg, and Flip It is a series on my channel where I take traditionally non-vegan dishes and try to veganize them So today, I am going to take two of the most popular Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and the Strawberry Cheesequake, I'm quaking already, and try and flip it into their vegan counterpart All right, if you had a repressed childhood and have no idea what a Dairy Queen Blizzard is, it is the perfect softened ice cream with chunks of your favorite toppings, candy bars, cake sometimes, mixed in, and you can dip it upside down and it won't come out

It's a nice, thick, chunky ice cream, and it was my favorite thing to have after, well, my sisters played soccer because I was not sporty at all So we would go after my sisters' soccer games, and we would get them this fun, hot, hot treat (beep) As a fun, cold treat on a hot day, you can literally fill these guys with whatever flavor you want You can use different flavors of ice cream Today I'm just going to use traditional vanilla and my favorite toppings

And before I get started, if you like videos like this, make sure to hit that Subscribe button Also let me now in the comment section below what your favorite Blizzard flavor was when you were a kid or that you're consuming now if you're not vegan Hi, we still love you too Welcome to the channel Maybe now you can make it at home and not buy it at Dairy Queen

All right, let's get churnin'? (funky music) All right, the first thing I'm going to do is chop up some peanut butter cups I found these vegan dark chocolate peanut butter cups, completely dairy-free, so I'm gonna use those I always asked for extra peanut butter cups when I was a kid, and they charged, I don't even remember how much they charged you So I'm gonna use lots Just roughly chop these guys

It doesn't have to be perfect I'm gonna cut them into quarters and then I'm just gonna go in and (clicks) with the knife afterwards For the ice cream, if you have your favorite vegan ice cream that you like to use, grab that If you like to make it at home, you can do that as well I'm just using cashew-based ice cream

I'm using vanilla flavor 'cause I find that that goes the best with the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Also, I should say, you can do this in a food processor or you can do this in a blender as well, but I like to use my stand mixer to do this So I'm going to add some ice cream to the bowl of my stand mixer, and I'm just gonna mix that up until it's a little bit soft So I'm just scooping Ooh

– [Producer] Accidents happen – So I'm just scooping the ice cream into the bowl and then we're going to mix it up with the paddle just to soften it And then we're gonna add in our toppings You need about half a pint to a pint of ice cream for a Blizzard Now I'm going to churn it with my stand mixer

(whirring) Okay, now I'm just going to add in the chunks of peanut butter cup, and we're gonna let that mix Don't overmix it too much because you don't want it to get super soft Do lift it up, and you want all of this good chocolate stuff, so make sure you grab all of it And if you need to, you can scrape down the sides if you're using a food processor or something But the stand mixer's kind of the perfect thing for this

(whirring) And it's really that easy All right, so we got this DQ cup for authenticity I'm just scooping it in there I mean, I think it looks exactly like the original Oh my gosh, it's so good

They're always like (gasps)! I got it to go upside down All right, I'd say we nailed it I'm just gonna, you know, clean up the sides here There it is It's beautiful

I love it All right, that's how easy it is to make a peanut butter Blizzard But the second most favorite of mine as a child was the Strawberry Cheesequake And it's just as easy All you need is a vegan cheesecake

You can make it at home You can buy it at the store Like Sweets of the Earth has one Diya has one Whatever cheesecake is your favorite, pick that up, cut it up into a bunch of chunks, and we're gonna do the exact same thing

We're gonna put it into the mixing bowl of our stand mixer, add the crumbled-up cheesecake, the little chopped cheesecake pieces, and then, for a swirl, because the swirl is so good, you can use a strawberry syrup if you have access to it, but I have a strawberry jam in my fridge, so I'm just gonna use that You want to make sure not to overmix it with the strawberry jam because you want it to be a swirl and not incorporated like all the way through the ice cream And that's how easy it is to make a Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard (funky music) They are melting fast It is hot in here, but oh my god, I haven't had one of these in years, since I went vegan, so like nine years? Holy moly

I want a big chunk of peanut butter Mmm It's exactly like how I remember it I would definitely try to get a milder ice cream Coconut ice cream can tend to have a really high coconut flavor

So get something like cashew like what I did Or soy And then you won't get that overwhelming coconut flavor Oh my god I could eat this all day

I see you I'm getting to you I haven't forgotten about you For the Cheesequake, I tried to keep like really big chunks of cheesecake in here because that's part of the fun Oh my goodness

It's so rich and decadent This strawberry jam is perfect Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm All right, guys I think we successfully flipped it

That was so easy You could do this with whatever your favorite flavor is Let me know in the comment section below what your favorite flavor is, and if you're gonna try this out at home Also let me know in the comment section what food you want me to flip next It can be a fast food recipe

It can be your favorite traveling recipe It can be whatever you want It can be somebody else's recipe, because this was so good, and I think they'll all be as successful, hopefully I'm gonna go eat this My mouth is ready

It's ready to be cold I don't know what I'm talking about anymore, but if you're new here, hit that Subscribe button, and if you like these videos, give it a big huge thumbs-up and I'll see you next time Bye!

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