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CAN I MAKE A VEGAN OMELETTE TASTE LIKE EGGS? | Tofu vs Chickpea Flour Omelette Recipe Battle



– [Man] So Molly, what do you think? – This one looks like it tried its best, but this one looks like eggs, I think (upbeat music) – All right, guys, it's been about ninish years since I've had an omelet

(honking) You too? The vegan omelets that I've tried are okay They're all right I had this idea for a video though I would take the most popular style of vegan omelet, try to make it my own and make it better, since I haven't loved them very much, versus something I came up with that has nothing to do with the other ones So today on The Edgy Veg, I'm going to test out two different methods of making a vegan omelet, and they will battle And we'll see which one is the best

All right, guys, if you're new here, I'm Candice, the Edgy Veg If you're not new here, welcome back Make sure to hit that Subscribe button and the bell notification so you don't miss out on new videos every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 pm Let me know in the comment section below if you have a favorite way to cook your vegan omelet

Let's get cooking I've pretty much nailed a tofu scramble My tofu scramble recipe is out of this world It's in my cookbook You can, it's right here

You can buy that to get that recipe It's so effing good The difference between nailing a vegan scrambled egg versus a vegan omelet is that you need the omelet to actually be able to fold together You need it to be nice and fluffy You need that texture

You need the taste There's a lot of elements here that with a tofu scramble, like scrambled eggs, it's like a pile of scrambled stuff, so it's very easy to replicate, whereas an omelet, there's some precision involved After scouring the internet, I definitely noticed that the most common way that most vegans and vegan bloggers are making their omelets is with chickpea flour Chickpea flour has a really strong chickpea taste, so I'm just not convinced that you're cooking it for long enough to get the chickpea flour taste out of it So I've kind of done my best to mask the flavor

I'm using the base of my tofu scramble in both these recipes I know the flavor will be there I've had a couple of other people's chickpea omelets and I didn't love it, so we'll see The second omelet, I'm going to use tofu as a base Again, a lot of recipes on the internet use tofu and then chickpea flour, but again, that chickpea flour, I just, I'm not convinced

So I thought, what is another type of flour that kind of acts very similarly? I came to the conclusion that it might work with brown-rice flour So I'm going to try tofu and brown-rice flour 'cause I haven't actually seen that anywhere online In order to get a true taste test, I'm going to make the fillings for both now, keep them on the side, and then make the batters, and then cook them simultaneously so when I'm trying them, they're both warm, to give it an accurate and fair chance I'm gonna start with about a tablespoon of, about two tablespoons, actually, of vegan butter Just heat it up in a pan over medium-high heat

And we are going to cook our mushrooms and our garlic and our shallots All right, so I'm going to start with the shallots Oops, okay, and one mushroom apparently I'm gonna add garlic And cook that for like one to two minutes

And now let's add the mushrooms And we are going to cook those until they are slightly browned Now I'm going to add the spinach and just going to mix it around until it's wilted And then we are going to remove it from the heat and set it aside I'm going to start with the chickpea flour batter first

Both batters have to sit for about 10 minutes, just to get them to be nice and fluffy So I'm going to make one batter, then the other, and then we're going to cook them at the same time We'll start with the chickpea flour I'm adding that right to the base of the food processor You can do this in a blender as well

Then for seasonings, we are going to add onion powder, garlic powder, turmeric for that yellow color that eggs have and pepper And right before the shoot, I ruined three of my nails So adding that right into the bowl Nutritional yeast Soy milk

Baking soda This is just the Better Than Bouillon, well, bouillon paste Bouillon paste, bouillon Just a splash of apple cider vinegar (whirring) For that really nice sulfury egg flavor, we are going to use black salt, or kala namak

If you don't have access to this, you can just use regular salt I like to use both And this just really makes it smell and taste like eggs (whirring) I'm just going to pour this into another container And we're going to let that sit for about 10 minutes

It definitely smells like eggs But it also kind of smells like hummus For the tofu omelet, I decided to make it in the blender because I have some whole shallots that I'm going to add in, so I want it to be nice and smooth Mmm, tasty We are adding one block of medium-firm tofu

I'm just gonna break it up with my hand, kind of just like meh It's soft Nutritional yeast The spices for this one, we are doing the garlic powder, turmeric, and pepper Some olive oil

Now I'm going to start blending this before I add the rest of the ingredients, just because I want the tofu to be nice and soft and liquidy when I add everything else in As you're blending, you want to add about one tablespoon of soy milk at a time as needed, just to help it blend along (whirring) I have rice flour I'm going to add that The No Chicken Better Than Bouillon

I'm going to add a little bit more of the soy milk You want this batter to be like a pancake batter The thicker this is, it's going to make more of like a scrambled egg You definitely want this to be a runny cake batter, or a pancake batter (whirring) And then of course, we need our black salt

Adding that in A little bit more soy milk, 'cause it's not quite runny enough (whirring) Okay, we have our chickpea flour batter We have our tofu batter So this is nice

It's like a runny pancake batter That's exactly what you want I've heated up some oil over medium heat here And let's just start pouring Let's start with this much and just spread it out

You don't want it too, too, whoops, too, too thick Now I'm going to cook that for about five to eight minutes Anywhere between five and 10 Okay, I'm going to flip this I've turned the heat off, and we're just covering it

What we want to do here is we want it to be covered and we want it to steam, so that it helps cook that chickpea flavor out of it I am now going to add the toppings into this steamed, it kind of looks like a chickpea crepe And we have our melted cheese here I'm gonna add the mushroom and spinach mixture on top Another sprinkling of cheese

Come on Ha ha! Well, it definitely does not keep its shape But it kind of looks like an omelet It's a weird color – [Man] It also looks like a really sad taco

(laughs) – It does look like a sad taco Now let's try out the tofu batter So I'm going to do the exact same thing Oh This batter seems a lot more workable

Okay, we're going to do the same thing We're going to cook this for about five minutes and flip it So this one is actually cooking all the way through almost, it seems, so I'm not going to flip this one actually The outside is getting that nice finish So I don't want to ruin that

I'm going to add the cheese here Then we'll just add our toppings Okay, maybe this wasn't the smartest way to do this I'm gonna flip that Ooh, that one actually really looks like an egg

This is exciting, you guys This is super exciting Okay, right off the bat, I would say use a pan with a smaller lip How are we going to do this? Oh god, it's breaking I don't know what to do

I should have added the toppings on the plate It's too heavy now to get it off Nope, we're breaking it I'm gonna make another one It definitely looks like an egg though

Take two See how easy it slides when there's nothing on it? It should be hot enough that the cheese will melt on film Add a little bit of cheese I'll add these fillings back into this new guy I will admit, we did try the reject omelet off-camera, and it was really, really, really good

A little sprinkle more of cheese And then, ever so gently, flip it on top Does it look like an omelet to you? – [Man] I really think it does – [Candice] Yeah – [Man] It's pretty accurate

Or the closest substitute I've ever seen – We have our chickpea omelet, and we have our tofu-based omelet Right away, the chickpea omelet looks like a chickpea pancake And the tofu omelet actually looks like an omelet So I cooked the tofu one a little bit more than I would normally, just so I could get it off the pan without it breaking, so that you guys could get the full omelet experience here

It is a little bit browner than I would have liked, but that's okay Let's give these guys a taste I think I know already that I'm going to like the tofu one more than the chickpea more Do it with my fork Yeah, the chickpea one, it's like, it's a chickpea pancake

It doesn't really stay together It's really like, grainy in texture It has zero egg-like texture whatsoever Nope, nope Not an omelet

Sorry This one already like it's softer, it's spongier It's more like an egg It's staying together when I cut it It definitely has that fluffy, egg-like texture, consistency

It's really good Soft and fluffy, and it holds together This is very dense The chickpea one is very dense This one is light and fluffy

I would definitely make this on like a Sunday brunch for myself and like a friend, or whoever I'm cooking brunch for, my family This recipe is going up on my blog, so you can find a link for that in the description box below This is so good – Mmm That's good

It might need like hot sauce, but it's really good This one, not so much – No, that's just sadness It's good It's just not an omelet

Like this is what people think vegan food is Like the fact that people are trying to pass this off as an omelet is hysterical No wonder people think vegan food is weird No T, no shade, but like that's not an omelet All right, so the clear winner here is definitely the tofu

This? Sorry, guys, but it's just a, it's a chickpea pancake Also let me know in the comment section below if you like this kind of versus-style battle video, if you want me to test different ways of doing things and see which one is better And I'll see you guys next time Bye!

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