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– A watermelon, a nori sheet and wasabi walk into a restaurant, run into a vegan, and now they're sushi (laughs) (upbeat music) I have a quick wit sometimes

All I smell is vinegar Most people, when they hear vegan sushi, they think cucumber and avocado rolls, which is great, if you hate taste But vegan sushi can be so much better than that and I, in my travels along the interwebs, saw a lot of people making watermelon sushi, and I went to Planta, if you saw my video there you saw that I tried some delicious watermelon sushi, and I wanted to see if I could recreate it at home We're gonna try and turn watermelon into tuna (upbeat dance music) All right, when I saw this on the internet, I saw it done a couple different ways, I mean, I tried it at Planta, I've seen a couple of videos of people do it, there were a lot of marinades and things involved, but when you breakdown what tuna tastes like, and I asked my fish eating friends if they could describe tuna, what would it taste like

And most people said that it was buttery, slightly salty, softness; so why would you marinade a watermelon in tamari and vinegar, with the flavor that you're going for is slightly salty butteriness So I decided to keep it easy for me, keep it easy for you guys, and actually not marinade this at all, I am just gonna slice this guy down, I'm gonna cook it at a low temperature, in the oven, for about three hours, anywhere between two and three hours, you kind of have to eyeball this, and I'm just gonna rub it in olive oil and sprinkle it with a little bit of salt and see if I get a texture and flavor that resembles tuna All right, to throw this together, you need a watermelon, you need nori sheets, you need water for your fingers, as well as some rice vinegar, Siracha, vegan mayo, green onions, some sesame seeds that we're gonna toast, of course you need some wasabi, and of course some ginger First thing I'm going to do with this watermelon is just cut the rind off, so I'm just gonna slowly go, oops, not like that, don't do that Just gonna do down, and cut all this white bit off

And clearly, this is more of a novelty food, I don't think I would ever take this much time to prepare something like this, this would be something I would do special for a dinner party, not something I would casually throw together on a Wednesday night I am most concerned about the fact that it's still gonna taste like watermelon I've dehydrated watermelon in a dehydrator before, and you still get this really distinct watermelon flavor, so I'm a bit concerned about that, I'm also concerned that it's just not going to dehydrate in a way, like I'm not gonna get the right texture, and I looked up what Planta does, or what they say they do to their watermelon, and they literally just cook it in the oven, they dehydrate it And I'm just not convinced that that's all it's gonna take, but I'm also not convinced that marinading it is the way to go, so this is gonna be truly a trial and error situation here All right, I'm gonna slice this guy down the middle, we're gonna do one inch steaks, if you will, something like that

All right I'm just going to rub some olive oil on here And that hopefully will give us a nice, fatty consistency, and flavor, buttery almost, if you will This little guy; (bubbles popping) ooh, that was a fun sound Then I'm just going to lightly salt the watermelon both sides

And then I'm just going to cook these in the oven at 180 degrees fahrenheit for anywhere between two, two and a half, to three hours You kind of have to eyeball this, it's different every time, apparently, and depending on the watermelon, how much moisture there is, and whatever, so just, when you get the desired consistency that you want, take it out All right, I've just taken the watermelon tuna, it's called that, out of the oven, I have some larger slices here, and then some thinner ones I mean, it definitely changes the texture of it I feel like, when I see, I cut a fish, it does kind of look like this

This one really looks like a cut of tuna to me Also this one kind of, I mean, if you didn't have these seeds here, it does look like a cut of meat I don't know, does it look like sushi? I don't know, I wanna taste it It doesn't taste like watermelon, right away, but then there's a little bit of a watermelon aftertaste I don't know what this tastes like

Who's had sushi most recently in their life? – [Cameraman] Does it remind you of the sushi texture, at least at Planta? – It does remind me of the sushi texture, it reminds me of the look When I do the spicy tuna roll situation, when you have all the spicy mayo, whatever, I think it'll be pretty close I'm gonna do some nigiri rice, little lumps (laughter) We're gonna make sushi, all right? Just, that's what we're gonna do I need to make sure that it doesn't stick to my fingers, so I have some rice vinegar here, and a bowl of water

So I'm just gonna add the two together And that's gonna make sure that the rice isn't sticking to my fingers, and my hands I have my bowl of rice here, this is sushi rice, how do you shape it? I've never made sushi before Good thing I have four of these, because, this could go either way, here I mean, it looks pretty; – [Cameraman] I'm not gonna lie, it does look like tuna

– So I definitely understand why people do this for 10 years, because this not easy to cut something this thin It's, homemade, it's a DIY charm Hey, that's not too bad – [Cameraman] That looks pretty realistic, when you think about it – [Candice] The more thinly you slice it, the more – [Cameraman] Transparent it comes, – Transparent it gets, so that's interesting

I wonder if it would make a difference if I cooked it for longer; this is what I'm going to use, I think, for the spicy tuna rolls, because I don't wanna waste them These are my screw ups Okay, now that I've figured out what I'm doing here, I'm gonna do this a couple different ways, I'm gonna do just the rice, and then the tuna on top, then I'm gonna do some with wasabi, so it'll be rice, wasabi, tuna, then I'm gonna make some spicy tuna rolls It's getting it to be super thin, that's difficult This is ideal, if I could get a large piece like this

This is the hardest I've ever worked in my life, I think; I don't have the knife skills for this, I don't have the patience for this I am going to make some spicy tuna rolls, the first thing that you need to make that is of course, spicy mayo So I have some vegan mayo here, we're gonna add some sesame oil, and then some Siracha, and I'm just gonna mix that together So the amount of Siracha really is up to you, I would start at about a tablespoon and go from there, it's really just your tolerance to heat, what you can handle I like it spicy, so I'm making it a bit spicier for myself

(watermelon peeling apart repeatedly) I cut up a bunch of the watermelon tuna here I'm going to add the vegan spicy mayo, and I kind of eyeball that Some green onion; you want to keep some for garnish And then you're just gonna mix it all together If this doesn't work out, we're making hand rolls

All right, I have my wrapped bamboo sushi roller I have my nori roll here, or not nori roll, nori sheet, and I have my sushi rice, so I'm just gonna squish the sushi rice going into this water, vinegar solution, in between so it doesn't stick to everything I remember on John's Instagram I made fun of him so hard for the ugly sushi that he made, a month ago, and I'm kind of eating my words right now Do I have to do it all the way to the edge? I don't know what to do I'm gonna take the toasted sesame seeds that I toasted and just, casually sprinkle them on

Ooh, ah, okay And, nailed it, and we're done, no just kidding So we want the spicy watermelon tuna on this side, right? And now do I just roll it? I'm scared; okay Ha ha; oh, it's spilling out the sides I made a mess

(laughing) My patience for this is shot, so Molly's gonna try one; cause you make sushi at home – I have made sushi at home, but it's always been ugly, so I'm just going to try my best – If Jena Verbals can make corn on the cob but the corn bone as a hotdog I can make ugly sushi that tastes good – Can we just turn this into a poke bowl or something? (laughing) – Guys, it's for when you're carb loading (laughing) – [Cameraman] So you're doing it with the seaweed on the outside

– [Molly] Yeah, I think it might have better structure roll quality – [Candice] This is why I don't make sushi I've spent six years on YouTube and I've never made sushi, and this is why – [Molly] There's no filling in that one either, what am I doing? (laughing) Tadaa – [Candice] They're pretty

– [Molly] They're not (laughing) – It's fine, it's definitely a variety (upbeat new age music) All right, so after some fun attempts, here's our sushi The watermelon itself, when you cook it down, it is red, but then you thinly slice it and it turns more like an orange color, so I guess you need to probably interchange this between tuna and salmon; that's not why we're here, we're here to taste test it So I'm going to get a little bit of wasabi, all right, oh god, oh god, well then

We've had one hell of a day here I'm gonna go down to my food to eat it I have much, much wasabi All right, let's try this guy So you don't really notice the flavor of the watermelon at all when it's just on its own

The spicy tuna rolls, I think, I prefer, the nagiri just tastes like rice, with wasabi, and something fatty thrown over top I think I definitely prefer the spicy tuna roll version of like a mahi roll Hm hmm, yeah So I don't think I would ever make sushi at home again I think this is definitely more if a novelty thing

I'm just not good at it, if you can roll sushi and you're super good at it, definitely try this It looks beautiful, I think if you're having a dinner party, it's something that's really going to impress your guests, me personally, I just, I don't have the patience to do this, and I don't have the finesse This is why I don't bake cakes, this is why I don't do intricate little things on my channel, because I don't have the patience for this It's beautiful, I loved looking at it after I was done, but it took too much time for me For the watermelon, I would definitely salt it a bit more, I think it does need a little bit of saltiness to counterbalance the little bit of watermelon aftertaste that you do get when it's just on it's own; when it's in a roll, you can't really tell, you're just looking for a texture, thing

So it's great, I wouldn't change it at all for that, but I think it's a good start in terms of vegan sushi, and moving forward in the world of meat and seafood So let me know if you would try this recipe, by leaving me a comment in the comments section below If you like this video make sure to give it a big thumbs up, and also let me know what you want me to try out next, and if you're new here hit that subscribe button And you'll see my face, twice a week, every single week; bye

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