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Cara Buat Horn Pastry or Kue Cumcum or Kue Terompet 🎉 yang Simple



asalamualaikum friends all today But for Cumcum cake there are also those who say cakes Trumpet or Horn Pastry This cumcum cake is really delicious the krispy outer friends are combined with pla that is soft, tasty and creamy surely all the families at home like Cumcum's cake has long been requested by Ms Monica and how do I suggest how to do it before seeing the video don't forget Subscribe channel #asahidtehyung witness first prepare the Horn Pastry mold its shape is cone like this smear thinly the mold with margarine the goal is that the cumcum cake is easily removed from the mold when it's ripe if it's not smeared with margarine, it's difficult to get rid of it stick to the mold and if you forcefully break it, you can crack the cumcum cake so don't forget to thin it with margarine, print it do this method until all the cumcum prints finished with a thin layer of margarine after that set aside then prepare instant pastry This is an example of an instant pastry coincidentally in the refrigerator there is a stock pastry that hasn't been used yet if you don't have instant pastry you can use it homade pastry huh open the pastry packaging before sprinkling enough flour on the table so it won't stick This packaging pastry still buys at the supermarket all buy baking ingredients that run out Pastry is in the frozen food, friends do not forget also when buying see the expiration date on the inside the pastry is neatly wrapped by plastic so not sticky and easy to open for the pastry long sheets must be cut slowly remove the plastic that is attached to the pastry cut pastries as needed But the cut is using a knife, I use scissors can also after that sprinkle flour thinly over the pastry so as not to stick slowly rinse using rollingfin with thickness according to taste

if you don't have rollingfin you can also use a bottle or glass so you can use the one at home after the pastry is finished rinsing cut pastry 20 cm long and and 1 meter wide or according to taste wrap the pastry cut into the mold cum cum to cone shaped here, it wraps it from the top end I just slowly wrap it around so it's neat if it is wound from the top worry can't get to the end wrap until there are no gaps left initially it was rather difficult because I had to be careful so that it can be neat and nothing is mutus if the cumcum mold size can also be used paper collections made like cones then coat with aluminum poil wrap all the pastry pieces into the cumcum mold until it's finished But for a lot of horn pastries to be able to eat together with my beloved family after finishing forming a pastry like a cone Now prepare enough sugar for sprinkling previous first apply the egg yolk on it but use 2 whipped egg yolks free apply evenly on the top after applying egg yolks sprinkle sugar or it can be according to taste granulated sugar can be replaced cheese, or plain without sprinkles is also delicious because later it will also be filled in pla after finished sprinkling sugar now ready in the oven The oven has a temperature of 200 degrees for 20 minutes or until it's brownish yellow oh yes this has been in the oven, wait until steam the heat is lost just remove from the mold after removing it from the print, cool the cake cumcum in collingrack set aside now we continue to make the plaque, the material 200 grams of sugar 2 egg yolks 1 tablespoon of butter 400 milliliters of full cream milk 25 grams of flour 25 grams of cornstarch and half a teaspoon of vanilla prepare a sugar input bowl if you don't like being too sweet just stay reduced yes the size of the sugar Mix sugar with other dry ingredients such as flour cornmeal and vanilla Mix well the dry ingredients that have been mixed then make a hole in the middle then enter the stirring yolk until it is evenly mixed using balloon wish and the use of egg yolks makes textures pla becomes soft after mixed milk input stir well until all the ingredients dissolve Don't worry even though you use egg yolks it won't smell fishy because it uses vanilla that works add vanilla flavor and flavor if there is no full cream liquid milk can use milk the powder is boiled with water

strain so that the plaque is smoother and softer if it's not filtered the results are less soft and still there the remaining dough that is not evenly mixed flatten with balloon wish or it can also be with spoon the remaining dough left in the filter until the mixture is really soft after the filter is now immature ready to cook cook on the stove using it small fire so the plaque doesn't burn during cooking, stir constantly, so the plate the plaque is soft cook until bubbles appear small on the edges after small bubbles appear add butter stir until the butter dissolves and the mixture thickens if there's no butter or butter can also use margarine the results are equally delicious butter tends to make the plaque soft and margarine tends to be tasty keep stirring the plaque that looks thick if you have stopped and popped it, turn off the stove now it's ready to use before using a plastic triangle then pour the plaque that was made earlier when poured it should be hot steam pla it's gone so it's not too hot when sprayed to the cumcum cake the results of the plaque are quite a lot can get a cum cum cake that has a lot of flavor delicious, soft, and really crymy, guys the one who at home likes to hopefully be All friends also like it pla ready to be sprayed into the cake cum cum to make it easier to use the top the plastic is tied a third prepare the plaque and then cut the edge of the plastic the triangle that has been filled in the pla spray a lot of pla or according to taste cumcum cake spray one by one until it's finished until the plaque runs out this can get 20 picis more cumcum cakes after the cumcum cake is finished filling the pla give toppings to taste But love the sprinkle topping form of love you can also use raisins, chocochip, strawberries, chary and others without topping, it's actually good too so adjust to taste like look prettier and more funny right if you love this topping, kids at home definitely on likes if you don't like being given a plaque you can also give melted dark cuking chocolate still yummy it feels like it Now Cumcum or Horn Pastry cakes are ready to be served for your beloved family, make the process easier pembutannya if you like our video don't forget press the thumb up do not forget to try it at home too please share the results of the requk on social media with Hastag #ashidtehyung this is umy again eating Cumcum cake he says is delicious and like crispy from the cumcum cake especially the package hmm really yummy eating 1 isn't enough eat 2 already hhehe well if deby likes the pla the most get to lick the fingers of friends too the adviser how it feels I hope the tutorial is easy to understand and understand may be useful see you at the ashidtehyung videos

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