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CARA MASAK HAINAN RICE ENAK ||How To Cook Hainanese Chicken Rice



Assalamualaikum Warrohmatullahi Wabarokatuh Hey everyone meet again on my channel In this video I will share Tips for all my friends That is how to cook Hainan Rice The delicious one But before that I remind you all my friends Do not forget Press the Subscribe button and turn on the bell So that you always get notifications Latest updates on my videos First of all I will Smear the Chicken I already have Wash with salt like this After that, I will leave it For 15 to 20 minutes Next I will prepare The sauce There is The Young Ginger I Have Chopped Yes, yes Then I mashed up And there is the onion I cut it too Because I made it a little me Smoothing with mash like this But if a friends cookie a little more You can blend too This has become friends like this After that I give you This is hot oil Try really I add Sufficiently After that, enter a little Salt and Little Flavor Then we stir evenly Well, it's like this, friends The chicken had been around for 20 minutes So I wash it clean Like this Here I have provided the ingredients, there are Bombay Onions Garlic, Ginger, Garlic And this is What's the name like Star anise if it's a Javanese And this is Rope Make it Tie the chicken later First of all We will put all the ingredients before Into the chicken stomach After that, we rope Next I will use Toothpick Make this close The stomach is to make the ingredients Don't come out like this And our legs are tied Next, we prepare a skillet to cook it Here I am using cold water I don't use hot water because of that This chicken skin won't stick To the pan After that, I add a little salt And a little flavoring Now this has boiled then this part of the bubble I throw it away Earlier I used the teflon A little big later if for example What is this The Chickens expands letter it can't be closed Later I will replace it with a rather large pan Well next I add a little lunch you or sesame oil Next I will cook the rice I use gravy from Chicken earlier, I use enough Later before cooking We add a little Siang You or Sesame Oil And a little Ginger, it's finished, we'll just cook the rice Next we are Turn on the Rice Cooker like cooking ordinary Rice It's been almost 1 hour then I turn it off And I let it stand for a while Don't open it Well after that I prepared the container and I gave Es Batu Like this, this function is so Later the skin is chicken It's a bit like jelly so it's a bit shiny So the skin is not scratched We leave it for a while Now Hainan Rice is ready Like this, friends Sorry, the video was cut off No time to video when cutting the chicken Now here is the Sauce Because Taiwanese people don't like spicy So this time I just made it 1 Only sauce For all of you, thank you for watching And Don't Forget to Wait Update the latest videos from me And Don't Forget Also Give Me Enthusiasm by pressing Like Share and Subscribe And finally Wassalammualaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh BYE BYE

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