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Cara Memasak Ayam Bumbu Cabe || How to Cook Chili Chicken Taiwan Recipe



Assalamualaikum Warrohmatullahi Wabarokatuh Hey Everyone meet again on My Channel, in this video I will share Tips Make Friends, namely How to Cook Chicken with Large Chili Seasoning But before that I remind you to Everyone, don't forget to press the Subscribe button And turn on the bell so you always get notifications My Latest Video Update Here I provide Half of the Chicken part Then I add a little soy sauce Nut oil Rice wine Little Salt This is tapioca flour And then I stir the White Pepper Like this, let all the ingredients Evenly mixed Then we leave it for about 10-15 Minute The ingredients here are red chillies And Big Green Chili, Shallot Garlic and Ginger Then I cut everything, I thinly sliced ​​it The red onion I sliced ​​the garlic too Thin Then I also sliced ​​the ginger This is the Green Chili I split into 2 parts And I discarded the contents Red Chili too We throw away the contents Let's wash it clean After that we cut it into Some parts Next we prepare a frying pan and just a little oil So that the chicken won't stick Then We Enter the Chicken Then We Flatten like this We fry with a little oil until the color Turn brownish huh Next we enter the Ginger We put it down After that we enter All the ingredients were Large Red Chili And Big Green Chili Shallots and Garlic Then we stir until evenly distributed Let's cook for a while After that We put out the fire and drain it Oh yeah, when you cook it, you don't need to add it Flavoring or whatever Because it was just the Chicken Not cooked already added Some seasonings So this is enough We Put it in a container like this And then it's ready to be served A few videos from me this time And don't forget to look forward to the next latest My Videos update Thank you for friends who have watched If you have criticism and suggestions, you can too Leave a comment in the comment column And don't forget, friends Give Me Excitement By pressing Like, Share and Subscribe And finally Wassalammualaikum Warrohmatullahi Wabarokatuh BYE BYE

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