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Cara Memasak Tumis Sayur Pelangi || How to Cook Rainbow Vegetable Saute



Hey everyone Assalamualaikum Meet again on Channel Noer Zhaerani Kitchen On this occasion I would like to share tips for Friends all namely how to Cooking Sauteed Rainbow Vegetables This style of mine tastes really good And it's really easy to make, hopefully So additional menus are also for all friends Want to know what the ingredients are and how to make them So don't go anywhere Stay tuned until the End Here is Carrot I've cut it like this These are fish balls that I have already Cut it too Here are some Peas I use fresh ones This is a mushroom that I cut too This is Corn, I'm using Sweet Corn, there's Dry shrimp If you don't like it, you can skip it Chili Little Ginger and Garlic Here is Oyster Sauce Sesame oil There are seasonings Salt White Pepper, Black Pepper And this is a little Rock Sugar Next I will prepare a skillet and oil For the stir-fry Then I put Ebi and I sauté for a while Let the scent Come out, after that I put all the ingredients earlier There are Chili, Garlic and Ginger I Saute until Fragrant After that I enter the Fish Meatballs And I stir it After that I put the Sweet Corn You can also use Canned Corn Then I put in the Carrot as well Then I enter Peas I also put in the sugar cubes Then I add a little flavoring Little Salt White pepper Black pepper Then I stir until evenly distributed Let it not be too dry, I add Less water Then I'll close it for a moment so I can quickly get tender It's almost done then me Add a little Oyster Sauce Then I stir it evenly Finally I add a little You Afternoon Or sesame oil After that I turn off the fire and I drain Now that was my cooking recipe friends This time Saute My Rainbow Pelangi Vegetables Why I call the Rainbow Saute Because here it is Various kinds of colors Like the Rainbow so I named it Sauteed Rainbow Vegetables If you like my recipe You can also try it at home Make friends who have subscribed Don't forget to press the bell button So you always get notifications of the latest updates on My Videos And for friends who haven't subscribed, don't forget to subscribe, because Subscribe is free And for friends don't forget too Watch My Other Videos, and that's it for now Friends if there is more or less I apologize And finally Wassalammualaikum Warrohmatullahi Wabarokatuh Bye bye

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