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Caramel Kheer Recipe | खास केरेमल स्वाद वाली चावल की खीर | Caramel payasam recipe



Caramel Dessert It has a unique taste but, its ingredients are similar to regular dessert Namaskar! Welcome to nishamadhulika

com Today we will make caramel dessert It is a tastier dessert and has a unique taste You will really enjoy having it Come, let us start its preparation We took a litre of milk in a vessel Switch on the flame Stir the milk once or twice so that it won't burn from the bottom In the meantime, we will chop cashews Peel the cardamom and make its powder The milk has boiled We will add rice to it Here, we took a 1/4 cup smaller sized rice It melts qucikly We took these after soaking in water for an hour Keep the flame on high until the milk boils again The milk has boiled Turn the flame to low and let it cook from low to medium flame Stir it in the intervals We have to cook it until it reaches to its thicker consistency and rice melts well The rice has started cooking We are stirring it in the intervals It has been cooking sincer 20 minutes As we can see, the rice has melt rightly Its consistency has become thicker and its quantity has also reduced Still, we have to cook it more Cook until it reaches to its thicker consistency Cook until kheer and milk mix well Kheer has been cooking for half an hour As we can notice, the dessert has cooked It has become thick Rice and milk has mixed well We will place it on another stove On this stove, we will caramalized the sugar Take a pan and heat it Add a tablespoon of clarified butter to it Let it melt The clarified butter has melted We will roast the chopped cashews Roast until its colour changes slightly The cashews have roasted, we will drain these out Add and roast the raisins We have filtered the clarified butter because it has smaller sized cashews We will add a 1/2 cup of sugar to it Keep the flame from medium to high Stir and cook until the sugar dissolves in it You can increase or decrease its quantity according to your taste The sugar has started melting Now, we will be attentive regarding stirring it We wll stir it furiously and melt it The colour of sugar has become rightly brown Switch off the flame and let it cool down Keep on stirring it We have to add water to it We will add water only after cooling it It has cooled down Add water to it and cover it Now, we will continuously stir it The sugar has melted well in water Mix it to the dessert Switch on the flame Add the roasted dry fruits to it Cardamom powder Cook the dessert for 1 to 2 minutes We have cooked it for 2 minutes The dessert has cooked It is a thicker consistency of dessert and has an amazing texture Caramalized dessert is ready to be served It is tastier to eat Garnish it with some chopped pistachios You can serve it hot or cold as per your desire It tastes scrumptious in both the ways Cooking it is an easier process But, be attentive After adding the rice to the milk, stir them in intervals If you won't stir it then it might burn from the bottom Stir the sugar continuously while caramalizing it Later on, switch off the flame, cool it and add water to it Mix it to the dessert You will make scrumptious caramalized dessert Cook it once, it has a very unique taste and it is tastier to eat Share your experience with me Do let me know which latest recipe you want me to post Do subscribe to my channel

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