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(audience cheering and chanting) Hi (chuckling) Our next guest is a celebrity chef and author of a new book, it's called, Carla Hall's Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration

Please welcome to our show, our friend, Carla Hall (audience cheering and clapping) Carla– Oh Mwa How you doin'? Carla, how you doin'? National treasure All right, so what are we making today? And we'll talk in between, 'cause I've got a lot to talk to you about

Yes! So, my cookbook, Carla Hall's Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration, is all about the soul food that we know, celebration foods, but also everyday foods So, today our celebration food is gonna be oxtails! (audience cheering) That's what's up! I know y'all know– Now oxtail is not the tail of the pig, it's the tail of the– It's of a cow Cow, okay So, then we have a black eyed pea salad with hot sauce vinaigrette (audience cheering) Which will be great with your fried fish

That's what I'm talkin' about And then for dessert, we're gonna do a mango frappe (audience gasps) Yeah So, while you eat that, 'cause I know it's hot, I'm gonna show you how easy it is to do these oxtails I have the oxtails here

This is what they look like and you have the little piece of the tail and the big tail, right? So, you cut those, right, isn't that so good? I'm gonna put in there salt, pepper, cayenne, and paprika That goes into my flour, and I mix that up, but I still have to season the meat, y'all Nicely seasoned, nicely seasoned Nicely seasoned, right? What I say is, salt is compliments If you don't use it, you ain't gon' get no compliments

(audience gasps and laughs) All right, so season this really well, just saying I don't like going to a restaurant where they don't have salt and pepper on the table Well the thing is, they should've seasoned it in the kitchen, that's what I'm talkin' about Okay, so you flour this, you go into a pan, and you sear it Take your time with the searing, because why? Because you're flavoring the brown

So, how's that? Do you wanna just talk to me about stuff? No, it's very good Continue, because then I'm gonna interrupt Okay, cool So, you sear it, you get that nice and brown Take your time with that

Here, I have onions, I have some celery, I'm gonna put in some tomato paste, because that gives you that deep dark brown I'm gonna put in some garlic And then I have the Worcestershire sauce Worcestershire sauce I taste it

You taste it? And it doesn't need a lot So, you mix all of that up and you're gonna put some hot sauce on there, because that's cool (audience applauds) If you wanna put some chili flakes in there, that's fine So, then I'm gonna add in my beef stock Whenever you're pouring stock into a pot and you have on something cute, pour it over the spoon so it doesn't splatter on you

(audience gasps) I know! Oh Okay? Carla? That's what I'm sayin' I was at The Chew and it's a whole line item from my bills at the cleaners Speaking of Chew Oh (laughs) Carla? Yes, my dear? I miss you guys Everybody misses us, I know Mario was caught up in the mess

Yeah And then The Chew was canceled because of Mario's mess And the three of you, to me, were dynamic I just wish they would have hired a fourth person and kept it going We were– (audience cheering) Thank you

But we were supposed to keep it going with just the three of– All that juice that's in the bowl, put that in the pot because that's flavor We had a Facebook Live yesterday We got the band back together with Facebook Live (audience cheers) We had the best time So, you cook this down and look at this

Come on Mm Ain't that look good? I want some of that juice So, you want some juice? Yeah Okay

Mm Yes, yes And then what I'm always saying, you all, what you wanna do, you have your oxtails, you have your little juice– But you're three of the most likable people on TV And, you know what, we absolutely love being together We're great friends

This is the cucumber celery salad You wanna cut that richness with the little salad I heard that they were gonna try to do The Chew on like a Food Network or something like that They are? They do it, The Kitchen That's what I said

I know it's The Kitchen Don't you love that show? Everybody on there are friends And guess what? What? If you took Jeff, or somebody from that show, and put them on The Chew, you can start up again Can we get The Chew back? (audience cheering and clapping) Everybody wants it to come back You guys, by the way, I'm making a hot sauce vinaigrette

It had honey in here, we had some yellow mustard, some apple cider vinegar– Wait, let me put this down Keep eatin' it I'm holding it hostage And then I have some oil, but you can do this in a jar And this is all for this black eyed pea salad

Everything looks fresh So, just to– So, I think that right now we are working on our projects, whatever projects we have going on, I'm not gonna– You all have projects You're so lovable, I see you with Strahan Yeah, it's been so much fun with Michael and Sarah on Good Morning America Day, GMA Day And so I'm the food contributor

That's been amazing And then I'm working on some other stuff, so you will see me But I tell you, yesterday, when I was with Clinton and Michael, it was magical, because we know each other so well, you know what I mean? Yes So, now your husband, I understand, quit his practice? Well he was working at the FDA, he was an attorney Not a practicing attorney, but he was doing more government relations

Two weeks before the show was canceled Yes! So child, when they were tellin' us about The Chew, the big guy said, the head of ABC Daytime goes, "Okay, we're gonna stop The Chew," and I said, "Oh hold on, "can I call my husband, 'cause he just quit his job "two weeks ago (audience gasps) "Can I go back and get that job?" You love this? Mm-hmm, mm-hmm But the thing is– Who doesn't love a black eyed pea? I know, the humble black eyed pea– Hey Fergie I know, right, what's up? What's up y'all? The thing about that, Matthew gave me the ability to do what I loved and to follow my dream, and I wanted to do the same for him

You've been in New York all these years Yeah, New York and DC And he's been in DC Yeah And he's quite flexible

Yes So, he became a yogi? Yeah, yeah, so he teaches yoga (audience applauds) Awesome But he's following his bliss and it's amazing and so no– This is all really good And so this our mango frappe

We can have a little light dessert Cheers I don't mind a frappe for dessert You can add alcohol, but I like mine like this Mm

Mm And you what I love about this? Not too sweet Not too sweet And you use a coconut milk and you can use frozen mangoes, 'cause if they're not in season or if you have them in your freezer Mm-hmm, so tasty

Perfect (audience applauds) I think I'm finished with this line of questioning You've left me with my meal for the rest of the week Yes, yes (Wendy chuckles) Give it up for the one and only, Carla Hall

(audience cheering and clapping) I love you I love you more For more information on these recipes, go to WendyShowcom (upbeat music)

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