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Carrot & Orange with Candied Ginger Soup Recipe – Cooking with Bosch



Carrot and Orange with Candied Ginger Soup Peel and slice 50g of White Onions Peel 2 Oranges Cut into wedges Peel 1kg of Carrots Slice thinly Chop 20g of Garlic Chop 20g of Dried Candied Ginger Add 100ml of Cooking Oil to a Medium Heated pot Add Sliced Onions Fry till soften Add Chopped Garlic Sliced Carrots 1 Tablespoon of Unsalted Butter When slightly softened, add 1 litre of Chicken Stock Orange Juice 20g of Fresh Thyme Bring to a boil Then simmer to allow Carrots to cook and flavours to infuse Remove the Thyme Strain ingredients from the soup with a sieve Set aside half of the strained liquid Blend the ingredients with a Handblender Adjust the consistency of the soup with the blended ingredients Adjust the consistency of the soup with the strained liquid Add Salt and Pepper to taste Garnish with 20g of Chopped Dried Candied Ginger Orange Wedges 5g of Sea Salt Crystal A Pinch of Chopped Parsley 5g of Fresh Ground Black Pepper 10ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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