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Catch and cook and fillet Yellow perch/പെർച് പിടിക്കുക വറക്കുക



Hi friends Welcome back one more time to doctor Fishing I hope you Enjoying my videos I Have always tried my level best to show you some good fishing action all the time Sometimes I spent hours like 8 to 8 to 10 hours fishing and Maybe catching like 1 or 2 fish But still I will show you those fishing action So that you can enjoy the videos Today I went fishing for perch My intention was to stay there and catch some good sized perch You can keep 15 perch there is no size limit but it is very hard to clean the perch if you if you catch the smaller ones, so the best way to Reduce that workload to catch good sized jumbo perch today I managed to catch some good sized perch I Really wanted to stay and keep fishing

But because of some unforeseen circumstances I Had to come back home within like a 5 or 10 minutes into that fishing So I decided to show you how to clean and Have to fillet and how to fry perch You can see in the video how I am cleaning that perch How I am filleting them and I will be using the South Indian style for frying perch I will be using coconut oil spices garlic and fry them in South Indian style You can check out The description below to see what all are the spices I have used and how I fry them Continue to watch the video and share the video if you can with your friends and Subscribe my channel if you haven't and Keep smiling keep fishing and be happy You all take her until I see you next time

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