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Catch and Cook Carp – How to cook carp – carp fishing tips & carp recipe.


[UltraVid id=112 ]Hey look here with cats and carp calm and today we’re catching and cooking carbs [Music] hey everyone welcome to another episode of catfish and carp and today we are catching and cooking common carp oh yeah I know a lot of you people have been excited to see this here it is here in the US when people find out I’m in the carp fishing when the first questions I get is do you eat the carp and the short answer is no I’m mostly a catch-and-release fisherman so I only keep and eat fish a couple times a year and I’ve never eaten a common carp and most of the people I know have never eaten one either here in the US most people believe common carp aren’t an edible fish or that it’s not a good tasting fish and that’s why a lot of people here consider carpet trash fish and what most Americans are surprised to find out is that carp are the most popular freshwater game fish in the world and it seems like almost every culture except for you the u.s. likes to likes to fish for it’s kind of like soccer everyone’s into it but us so this video I’m going to show you how to catch carp that I’m gonna clean it and I’ve got a friend who’s cooked mini carp he’s gonna come in and show us some awesome recipes so it’s gonna be a fun video all right first things first let’s get a rod baited and out in the water to do that I’m using what’s called a packed bait this is a ball of breadcrumb sweet corn and a strawberry jell-o flavor and I’m rushing it into a ball and putting it on top of what’s called a method lead and I’m using a fake piece of corn and I’m slapping that bad boy and all into a ball and when I cast it out [Music] one of the biggest reasons why Americans have trouble catching carp is they don’t understand that carp just eat different things than bass and bluegill and crappie and all the other things we fish for regularly carp are omnivores and they’ll eat just about anything but they they like to forage as opposed to hunt this isn’t always true but generally speaking and so a carp will eat little insects and larvae they’ll eat clams and snails but some baits that generally work really well across the board are things like corn corns a great classic carp bait bread is another one there’s also a commercially made bait called a boilie it’s a round ball of boiled dough that they sell in a bag that’s specifically designed for carp fishing they come in every flavor sentence size that you can imagine so you can see it’s early in the morning it’s about 6:00 in the morning last night before I went to bed I came here and threw out about 10 pounds of boiled feed corn and boiled pigeon feet and threw it right on top of the spot so I was going to be fishing and spread it out really good doing that consistently chumming a spot can turn a mediocre fishing hole into an amazing fishing spot so this right here is a bite alarm and you can see it’s beeps whenever something touches the line it’s very very sensitive and so you get these little beeps often before you get a bite a real bite and it gives you a warning that something’s about to happen [Music] well we got one got one oh he popped out real quick he wants just been barely hooked guys this is why I carpet look at it what an incredibly feisty fish I’ve had my hook in the water for two minutes and I’ve already had two fish on and these fish are averaging 12 pounds here and this is really typical I’ll come in here for an hour to before work and typically catch three to four fish whoa when carp get really crazy if you cover their eyes gently with your hands they’ll calm down kinda like a canary you know look at this this is a slightly smaller than average carp for this area what a beautiful fish hard-fighting fish just an absolute ton of fun but this one is a perfect eating size [Music] [Applause] so this long net right here called a keep net it’s designed to keep your fish alive kind of like a live well and just put the fish in there and they have to a room to swim this thing is about ten feet long goes off into the water to fit a lot of carp in there if you’re into bank fishing and you want to keep your bait alive or your fish alive it seems awesome got it off the eBay for like 20 bucks with this much action I’m gonna throw some more Chum out here I’m gonna try not to spread it out too much so if you’re new to my channel and new to carp fishing you may be asking yourself what’s all this Gary’s using you know what are those bite alarms what’s that rig he’s using how do you make that bait I get these questions all the time so I’ve repeated it like a billion times my videos for the sake of my subscribers I’m not gonna go over all my gear again however I’m gonna put links in the descriptions to all the different things I’m using and where I bought them so check that out also I have an entire playlist of just videos that explain how to catch carp all that’s going to be in the description so check that out I put that carp in to keep net about a minute ago and I’m already getting bites on my my rod there’s just they’re thick in here [Music] one of the common myths here in the u.s. is it carper invasive and destructive neither one is exactly right carp aren’t invasive anymore they’re what’s called naturalized an invasive fish is one that’s taking over the ecosystem a naturalized fish is a foreign fish that’s reached a balance with the environment common carp in most states are listed as naturalized species not invasive and a lot of people think these fish are destructive to the environment the truth is there no more destructive than a bass or a catfish each of them play their own role in the ecosystem and they both give life and take it alright let’s get him over here we can land look at that chunky fish that’s a big one all right isn’t that a gorgeous fish look at this portly guy this is a big gorgeous trophy carp and I’m not gonna eat this guy it’s more food than I could ever manage without having tons and tons of leftovers so I’m gonna put them back and let somebody else enjoy catching him all right I’ll catch you another day maybe [Music] if he notices carb looks different than the others it’s because it’s a mirror carp it’s very rare in this area less than 1% of the carp are mirror carp there’s something else though that makes this carp really special this is the third time I’ve caught it I’ve caught this carp the first time in 2013 in 2014 and then today in 2018 and I’ve caught it in this same spot this time of year every single time that’s the beauty of catch and release you get to enjoy the same fish again well before I butcher this fish I’ve got to kill it first and there’s two ways I generally like to do that either a I smacked the fish on the head really hard or you bleed out the gills and bleeding out actually makes the meat taste better and it’s less traumatic to the fish so they freak out a little bit less so what I did is I bumped him over the head to kind of knock him out and I took out his gills and put them face down in the bucket of water and I’m just letting them bleed out get all the blood out of them make the meat taste better you can see it’s a pretty pretty calm way to go he’s just going to sleep first things first we got to take the scales off this thing there’s some chunky scales things are so well armored all right got the scales off them let’s wash them up now I’ve heard that carp have a ton of bones so I’m gonna just fillet this thing and then we’re to see what the bone situation looks like and go from there I’m sort of bone right there something hard right there is that a rib that’s a rib yeah that’s a beefy rib look at those ribs you’re not cutting through those it’s not like a salmon where you can just cut them through and remove them look at that that is a strong rib cage well that is not the prettiest fillet ever you know people told me carp had all sorts of bones and that’s why you couldn’t eat them but I mean the only bones I’m feeling is a set of Y bones right here it end right here – they’re just like a salmon or a trout could have done a better job filleting him they’ll come down the back and angle the knife a little bit more I think there’s a lot of boneless white back meat that I missed out on okay a little bit better only a few white bones right in there as the great Harry Hill once said I’ll save this for later well look at these fillets these actually looked pretty decent got a bit of pink to them well I’ve got the fillets already for cooking and I took the carcass and butchered that up and I’m gonna be using that for catfish bait as well so if you want to see a video about fishing for catfish with carp as bait checking out a link in the description soon as I post that video I’ll put the link there you know carp were introduced to this country by people who loved to eat them that was such a popular fish to eat the people brought them all the way across the Atlantic the interviews here and that’s why they’ve spread all over the United States is everywhere the Pioneers went there was somebody who wish they had a good old carp to eat and they’d introduce them put my catfish bait in the freezer and I’m gonna go put the fillets in the refrigerator we’re gonna make these for dinner night all right everybody we’ve got our fish we’re here at the house now we’re gonna cook it up but I am NOT a carp cooking expert I’ve actually never eaten a cart before and I’ve never cooked one before so I have brought in an expert here Jay my boy is gonna hook us up with a Bangladeshi carp recipe right yes I’ve never filleted carp or cut open a carpet just gonna dump them in here some Old Bay seasoning this one is uh it has a little bit of chili powder just like good amount you know that’s the special sweet sorry I shouldn’t know what the 20 20 years because of the salt makes the onion I’m gonna stand by Lola and see bubbleman so you’re learning that onion joy – that’s good that’s good you just put it on the element cuz I’m awesome that way yeah see that’s good okay we’re gonna [Music] you want to initially Riggins on it [Applause] that’s actually not so much just as you [Music] my hand you hear the honey butter garlic and cumin sorry father turn a little masala Kimmy you have to be gentle when in there we go it’s covered get that run amok yeah that looks really good man that smells good too it’s not fishy smelly all there’s zero fish smell no that looks good but you’re eating Bangladeshi food Forks are for suckers right that’s good actually what do you think of the smell the like is there I can’t I guess I came to take any fishy smell is it spicy like it is no no no this is a special oh this is this is this is real model this is American buy oh that’s cool so people tell me that carp have all sorts of bones and when I flayed the carp I only found like a few bones so I was kind of surprised to that but when I cooked it and I’m eating the meat I found a lot more bones and this is what it is this part sticks out of the meat so it looks like just one bone but if you break off the bottom then you get all these little bones but when you eat it this way it just the meat falls apart and you can just pull the whole bone out in one big chunk and so it’s not a big deal but that’s that’s what the carp bones you’re hearing so much about look like if carp bones were just like this then it would pretty much be the same as a salmon yes to something you can go there’s not a lot of flavor to it is there yeah yeah it’s just like a lot of white meat fish yeah I’ve heard so many people talk bad about I expected it to taste muddy or fishy or something their stinky really I mean you can’t smell the house doesn’t smell like fish the curry doesn’t smell like fish it doesn’t taste like this how about Jane your curry is really good that’s really good curry guys this curry was absolutely delicious madness Ju you rocked it this is this reminded but the car wasn’t stinky it didn’t taste like mud it was just kind of like white meat fish and I mean it’s you know we could’ve thrown tilapia in here I don’t know if I would have known the difference yeah the funny thing is she’s not gonna eat fish at all she’ll run away but like here it is you guys see it yes so guys I would definitely eat carp begin in a heartbeat I don’t see anything wrong with this but this Curry’s freaking awesome though I mean it’s really good yeah it’s like three servings of that you know so guys if you enjoyed this video we have an entire playlist with catch and cook videos we’ve got a bunch of them and so go ahead and check that out put a link in the description if you want to send more great videos from the catfish and carp YouTube channel don’t forget to we put out new videos every week thanks for watching guys

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