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[Catch and Cook] How to make Fried Fish! Very CRISPY!!!



Fish Steak Tutorial—-Fried crispy fish steak with black fish Ready black beef meat Bread crumbs Beat the egg This time I am using black fish Can also be replaced by white fish First, we cut the black fish into thin slices

Sprinkle with some garlic powder and salt Sprinkle with black pepper Wrap the fish fillet with the chestnut powder Let the fish fillet wrap the egg liquid We need to add a small amount of water to the bread crumbs The fish ribs that are fried in this way will have crispy crispy skin! Please be sure to sprinkle water evenly on the bread crumbs Now start to wrap the fish in the bread crumbs I add a little water to the bread crumbs Stir well Then wrap all the fish steaks in breadcrumbs Add cooking oil to the pan and heat Start the fish steak now! After the fish platoon is golden, remove it

Then fry again The fried fish steak will be more crispy! All are fried! ! It’s more delicious to grab your favorite sauce I use Tata sauce this time! Start it! ! Thanks for watching!

Source: Youtube

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