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Cauliflower Buffalo Vegan ‘Wings’



– Hey, everyone It's Barry here

Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen I hope you are well Today, we are making some vegan buffalo wings Ooh, yeah (upbeat music) That's right

We are starting a segment on some vegan recipes We've just done the Chinese one It's probably gonna be a batch of seven or eight, maybe a mix of sweet and savoury vegan recipes I've already got a vegetarian playlist, so there might be some things on there that are already vegan or you could veganize I even went to a vegan festival yesterday, and it was actually pretty darn good

I actually had a bacon cheeseburger thing in a pink bun, and apparently, the pink was just pink It was dyed pink for not really much reason It wasn't beetroot or anything like that It was just a pink bun, which I was kind of sold on I think I ought to do this first, because I'm gonna be using some hot sauce, Frank's Hot Sauce, or other ones are available

I've just been literally drenching my dinner, for those of you that have watched the vlog probably know that, in this, no matter what it is at the moment, so of course, we're gonna lace it in this Anyhow, let's go a little bit old school (snapping fingers) Click pause on the video now, and write down these ingredients If you wish to give this a go, let's get cracking, let's get cracking indeed Okay, first thing I've got is a cauliflower that I've just washed, but we need to rip off the leaves

Actually, it's quite a small cauliflower, so I bought two just in case, by the way, but we're gonna try and make, take these little florets and make the wings out of that So they're not actually wings, are they? They're just florets (crunching) Yeah, so when you actually take all the leaves off, it is literally just like that Makes quite a good wig, doesn't it? This is kind of like in segments for you anyway We can just do little incisions (humming) like that, and just pull away each little floret

You see that? That's a quite nice little piece I like that Maybe we'll just stick with one cauliflower I don't know We'll see how much we get

Well, that's all I'm gonna do I'm just gonna make little mini short incisions and pull off the florets, all right? So you do the same That's how this works You, right now, stop watching, go buy cauliflower, and join in I'm actually gonna get the second cauliflower and slice it up, because this is all the cauliflower I've got, though bear in mind, that was actually quite a small cauliflower

All right, two lots of cauliflower in the background there, jug, this is some unsweetened almond milk, which I've had before, and was actually really, really good Yeah, I once put it in hot chocolate, little bit of milk like that, and it gave it a very mild Nutella kind of vibe So that is going into, ooh, this big old bowl, 'cause we're gonna make a batter Batter up! I've just filled that jug with a little bit of tap water It's about the quarter the amount of milk

Add some pepper, some salt This is some onion powder, so about one, two teaspoons of that, smoked paprika, one, two teaspoons of that Oh, love that look You know I love paprika Plain flour

I think you can get other types of flour, that if you wanna make it gluten free, you could use as a replacement for that, if you want, but I'm not going for that, really It's just more for the vegan thing I'm just gonna whisk this through, making sure I scrape the full sides down, as well, get all incorporated Oh, that actually smells really, really good It's a nice thickened batter now, which we can dunk our cauliflower in

So I've just started preheating my oven now, 'cause we are nearly at the baking time, so you might as well get your oven going Lined silpat baking tray or baking parchment is fine These are good So we've got a batter, and this is some Panko breadcrumbs, which are really nice and crunchy So I'm just gonna take a floret

Oh, I'm just gonna do this all with one hand, keep the other one clean, we've dunked it in there See how much that's gripped to that, and I'm going to sit in the breadcrumbs, and lift it on, okay? Straight out, shaky shaky shake, put it on there, and repeat Boom chicka bow wow Right, I'm just gonna repeat that over and over, until we've got a tray of non-winged cauliflower things Whilst Amy sits under the table and kinda watches

Oh, and Boston is in his bed All right, I've actually decided to leave some of the smaller florets, so when you slice it, do try and get bigger ones, because they look amazing Have a look at this, have a look I'm gonna bring it up to you, like the Ferrero Rocher advert from years ago (humming) The ambassador's reception

(humming) Look! They are massive and chunky and the Panko breadcrumbs are just stuck on there Make sure you shake it off My oven's just preheated Let's bung 'em in (metallic clanging) The good news is this should take roughly 20 minutes, which gives us time to, well, you know, tidy up a little bit

I made a heck of a mess, but also make a very simple dip I've found some vegan mayonnaise All right, so some vegan mayonnaise I'm just gonna have a little try of this, 'cause this is what we're gonna use as our dip We're just gonna pimp it up a teeny bit

It smells like mayonnaise That's pretty darn good, actually, and bizarrely, you guys know I don't like cold cheese I did a vegan taste test once I actually like cold vegan cheese Hmm

I have no doubt in my mind I will get the classic joke, how do you know someone's a vegan/vegetarian? Don't worry; they'll already tell you I think I have had that comment on every single one of these videos I've ever done, but I've got nothing against it I like meat and chicken, and all that other stuff, but I'm really experimenting with vegan food at the moment, so I'm looking forward to this series of videos All right So that's the mayonnaise, about four tablespoons of that

Gonna add some lemon zest (metallic scraping) Zest of like half a lemon, and just a squeeze of lemon juice, not too much This is some garlic paste, so about a teaspoon a queet, a queet? Equates to one garlic clove We just had some of that, so I thought we'd use that today Otherwise, just mince up a garlic clove

A bit more pepper, a touch of salt, and mixy, mixy, mix Last thing I'm gonna do is just snip a spring onion straight into it, just little strips of it like so Mix those through them, and of course, keep tweaking it to your liking Add more lemon zest, add more mayo, whatever you wanna do, just make it your own, and you'll absolutely love it, and this'll be a nice little contrast to when you dunk those hot things in there Okay, I'm just about to get them out of the oven, but before that, look at this, God

I mean, for me right now, has this got paprika in it? Yeah, it has got paprika I think that's why I like it so much, because it's not too hot This is the like the wings one I think they do a hotter one, but of course, there are lots of other hot sauces available So I'm gonna go for one and a half bottles, 'cause there are only small amounts in there

It's about 200 mils of the hot sauce, some fresh pepper, and just a little touch of olive oil And mix this together with a brush (humming) We might not need the brush that much, but we can keep it to one side anyway, in a bit, just to go (quacking), and sort of the paint the wings But let's get them out of the oven They should just be nice and crispy on the outside now, 'cause we need to rebake them with this sauce driven into it

Here they are, out of the oven then So they're slightly lightly brown, but we're not really worried about that right now The main thing is the breadcrumbs are on and stuck to the cauliflower, give it a real nice crunch So we'll dunk it in our sauce So I'm just gonna lift one up, oh, can you see this? You see how crunchy that looks? Gonna stick it in there, just using some tongs to coat it all over

Oh my gosh Straight back out, back on the baking tray So I'm gonna repeat that as I go Just on my last one, and those crisped breadcrumbs are just absorbing that hot sauce Right, let's get these back in the oven

They look amazing Back in the oven for another 20, 25 minutes Ooh Yeah, baby They're done, and they look amazing

Come have a look I've gotta tell you, if you love the smell of hot sauce, right now, this is stonking You gotta give it a go The sauce is baked into those cauliflower pieces I'm just gonna let it, I wanna taste them warm, but I just wanna let it sort of cool down just a teeny weeny bit so we can serve it with our dip

I think these have turned out blooming awesome I can feel the softness in it It's dunking time Here we go Dunky dunk dunk

Ah, ooh, yes All right Here we go, and before I try this, if you've got any vegan recipes you wanna see, let me know down below I really want try and make my own, is it homemade seitan? Or seitan, whatever? Not the Devil Mm

Oh, shiver me timbers I'm just staring at it, sorry Just looking at it, going, you are beautiful That batter on the outside has really worked It's given it a real nice crunch, and then you break through into the soft, tender cauliflower

That is so good For me, personally, whenever I've had vegan food or vegetarian, trying to replicate meat, 'cause I know people are gonna say, oh, it's not wings, but you get the texture right and the flavour right I mean, for me, that is amazing It works absolute charm I'm genuinely, I'm impressed

So find out for yourself Let me know how you get on, bye!

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