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Cauliflower Grilled Cheese!? We Test The Viral Recipe #DoesThisWork



Does this work? Does this work? (producer) Yeah Sounds very news

Does this work? Hello and welcome to Does This Work? I'm Jeanette from Rachel Ray's culinary team and just like you I'm always on the internet looking for beautiful food videos, and really awesome recipe inspiration but I'm always left to wonder, Does that really work? (upbeat rock music) On this series, we're gonna test out all different kinds of recipes I'm gonna bring in some fellow foodie friends and we're going to rain down judgment on those recipes To start, Cauliflower Grilled Cheese

(cat meows) That's no bread No gluten Vegetables and cheese (upbeat drum music) So first up, it's time to make our cauliflower rice So many recipes include cauliflower rice as a substitute for carbohydrates or just a healthier side

Super easy way to get some vegetables into your kids not really noticing the difference So what I do is I first remove all of the large stems from the outside It was funny, I was looking on the internet yesterday there's a few how to cut a cauliflower videos on YouTube So I'm gonna show you guys real quickly how to cut a cauliflower So first, you remove all of the stems and then you want to cut off the base, just so you can kind of get in there more

Alright, so I just use my hands and I pull off- Nope I can't do it I just want to cut in and around to loosen those bottom florets And you wanna get that stem out of the center I'm going to now break them off into florets So now you're gonna see these are like nice big pretty big pieces of cauliflower

I'm gonna make cauliflower rice today in the food processor All you do is you just load in the florets, close the top, and you're gonna pulse Oh it's not plugged in, I'll have plug this in (food processor chops) Come on This is why I buy it

My food processor's a little bit jammed up I probably shouldn't have filled the entire bowl with all of the cauliflower, but we're gonna get there (food processor buzzes) (Laughs) It's not a good day at work until you're fighting with the food processor (upbeat drum music) Okay guys, so one successful head of cauliflower riced in this bowl What did we learn from that first step? You might wanna buy it at the store or just make sure you process it in batches

Next up, I am going to crack two eggs into the cauliflower Egg number two Give that a stir And essentially I guess this recipe is just making like tiny cauliflower pizza crusts Eggs are a pretty standard step in making any kind of cauliflower product that you want to stay together

Egg's bind things Up next, I'm gonna season it with a little bit of oregano Then a little bit of salt and pepper It's interesting because, you know, we're making cauliflower grilled cheese and you wouldn't normally season the bread for a regular grilled cheese with anything but butter So maybe this will be nice and flavorful

And now I'm gonna put in a hearty amount of some grated Parmigiano Reggiano Like a cup and a half or so Again, that's gonna act as a binding agent for the cauliflower The last ingredient I'm gonna add to this cauliflower bread, if you will, is a little bit of fresh parsley And also add a nice little flavor

Cauliflower doesn't have very much flavor It kinda tastes like what you're marinating it in, what you're mixing into it, or what you are kinda eating with it Chop that up, we'll throw that in here I'm actually surprised to see that it's not as wet as I was thinking it was gonna be But the true test is when we're gonna be flipping it

We'll see if it stays together Alright so now we're gonna preheat a pan I'm gonna use a non-stick griddle so I'm gonna do it over medium because I don't want these to burn And I'm just gonna put a little bit of some olive oil cooking spray Now if I was making grilled cheese, I'd probably use a little bit of butter

But we're doing what the internet says today I am taking a Rachel Ray tip right here I am using an ice cream scoop to get nice even scoops It'll definitely regulate the size of these We are gonna build a sandwich at the end so you want them to be even in size

Okay, so now that I'm touching this it actually feel really wet I don't know guys, here goes nothing (pan sizzles) Now I'm gonna press down to make bread patty It's gonna be a pretty thick grilled cheese if anything (upbeat drum music) When I'm flattening it with a spatula it is coming apart at the edges

I wasn't really expecting that to do that But I think it is because it is pretty wet This looks like it made enough for probably three or four sandwiches total But we're gonna see We're gonna let this cook and see what happens

(drum solo) I'm just gonna do a little peaksies to see what it looks like on the other side But if I'm giving you my honest opinion, I really don't feel like this is gonna flip So let's see what it's doing on one side Oh, it's definitely brown So it's definitely time to flip

I feel scared (laughs) I don't feel scared No, I'm not scared Okay are you ready for the moment of truth? (cat hisses) It's not flipping guys

(Laughs) So this clearly did not work But I think I've got an idea on how I can fix it (Upbeat drum music) Now what I think I'm gonna do because the first batch was too wet I'm gonna pop this into the microwave for a few minutes And then I'm gonna give it a good wring and we'll get all that moisture out and I do believe it's gonna stick together a little bit better

(paper crinkles) Okay guys, we are back with a nice hot steamy bowl of some cauliflower rice So I'm gonna take this towel and I'm gonna pour my cauliflower right over it So you wanna give this a good squeeze over your garbage bowl and get the moisture out How's my wringing face? (laughs) (producer) It's good Grr, it's hot

(laughs) It's really steamy right now, so I'm gonna give it a minute Yeah, no, it's really hot Please cool (blows air) Please cool You're going to leave that in aren't you? (laughs) (producer) Yes

(bass music) Okay so this cooled off a little bit We're gonna give this a really good wring And look at that! Do you see all of this moisture that is in this one head of cauliflower You're gonna be shocked when you see the size of what's left in here But I'm just gonna keep wringing because all of this moisture is what caused our first batch of cauliflower bread to fail

(upbeat bass music) I've been doing this for probably a minute now and there's still so much water coming out of it This is definitely gonna change the yield of how many cauliflower grilled cheeses we're gonna get It's like already shrunk by like half you see that? This is one head of cauliflower I'm hopeful with this one guys Okay, so we're gonna pop this into our mixing bowl and look at that

It's like a little pizza dough, isn't it? It's like a nice little perfect ball of cauliflower rice I'm wearing cauliflower, you're not cooking in a kitchen until you're wearing what you're cooking I'm gonna use all of the same amount of ingredients the eggs, the parsley, the oregano, the Parmesan Salt, pepper We're gonna give this a big stir

It definitely feels different from the first time It is really nice and dry This feels like a really nice consistency I think this is gonna work Let's just preheat our griddle one more time

(can spraying) While my griddle is preheating, I wanna show you the difference This was our first batch that didn't work You can see how wet this is and why it didn't stick together You can see this is the new batch we're gonna do it's definitely sticking together much better than the first batch I'm gonna do the same thing using the ice cream scoop

But like I said, this is definitely gonna yield less Because already one scoop's almost used about a quarter of it I'm gonna put this on the grill I'm not gonna say I'm not a little nervous but let's see if it works (pan sizzles) Already I'm seeing when I'm patting it down the other one was spreading out really far it's definitely holding together more

So that's a good sign Give that a little pat Use the spatula so I don't burn my fingers Yeah, I'm feeling a little bit more confident about this But I actually think that this recipe now is only gonna yield maybe two or three grilled cheeses

You're eating a lot of cauliflower if you eat one of these When we were doing the first batch when I was watching them cook the cheese and like the water, all that moisture in there they were spreading These are staying together but they are still pretty delicate (upbeat rock music) I am going to flip the first one This is where it all went down hill last time

This is where all hell broke loose when I flipped them that last batch did not work I'm feeling good but I don't know stick with me guys Yes! It flipped We have a successful flip I'm gonna say it's more of the consistency of like a potato latke

It's definitely not super together but it's also not super apart I don't know if that makes sense Alright let's give this one a flip Two down, two to go I'm holding my breath

Can you hear me holding my breath? Okay, we have four successful flipped cauliflower slices of bread if you will Which is becoming apparent to me, we've gone through quite a process and we have zero grilled cheeses yet I'm using some shredded cheddar cheese and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna top one and I'm gonna top the other and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna top each of these with the other patty if you will Guys these are super delicate What I might be most nervous for is the flip around

That might not hold together Well, it might It might, guys, it might Have you noticed with every single stage of this recipe I am full of doubt? We're getting closer We've got something that resembles a sandwich

Looks like my foodie friends are gonna have to share because even in the bottom of this bowl I don't even, I think I have one full scoop so I couldn't even make a third sandwich Hope people aren't that hungry Okay so they're half way cooked I'm gonna give them a flip Finger's crossed

(drumroll) Whoo! Okay that was scary Definitely not a texture that seems like it's gonna stay together See that one already got a little bunched up on the bottom So I gave these a quick flip because like a grilled cheese you want the cheese to melt all the way through but you don't want the bread to burn on one side So I think I timed it just right but I have these over a super low heat

They're flipped over on the other side and they're sliding apart from each other That is definitely not something that happens with a regular grilled cheese I'm gonna get these off the grill before anything else goes wrong Okay guys so here is our cauliflower grilled cheese Looks like it's time to rain down judgment

(thunder) Grant ironically your mom's the one who sent me this recipe on Facebook once Yes She's made it before Oh she has? Yeah Okay you didn't tell me that before I started this

(upbeat guitar music) (laughs) How did it go for Pam? I don't remember (all laughing) Okay so guys enjoy a little snack on me This is our cauliflower grilled cheese Let me know what you think Okay

I have to admit I'm already judging it Okay, please (upbeat guitar music) It doesn't look like a grilled cheese It doesn't But I feel like it looks yummy

Mm-hmm How do I eat it? In the beginning I was like, "This is definitely going to be a knife and forker" But actually you can pick it up (Grant) Obviously it's gonna be delicious because there's cheese all over it But it looks like crab cakes which is kind of weird

(laughing) Alright cool should we try it? Yeah go for it, please (Grant) It comes together nicely (Jeanette) It does And I think what probably looks so appetizing about it is what doesn't look great with ooey gooey cheese all over it? (Kate) I'm gonna not do that (laughs) I'm gonna do, like Grant

(upbeat rock music) I got a nice cheese stretch Yeah I just got that too (Kate) It's a little wet I don't not like that Okay

I do feel healthy though (Jeanette) Okay Like if I took that huge bite of a regular grilled cheese I feel like your stomach sinks a little bit You're right And you're like, "Oh why did I do that?" But I still feel like I ate vegetables

(Jeanette) You're right And that I have some energy I'm gonna have some more After eating all of this I don't feel very healthy anymore (laughs) Now I've eaten a whole cauliflower

I'm slowing down You wouldn't think it would be this filling (Jeanette) I know You don't have like a major grilled cheese thing happening (Jennette) Yeah

(Grant) But it is like a sandwich And it is melty cheese and if you're not eating broader carbs this is a good substitute But if you want a grilled cheese this isn't it Okay, it's not it Yeah

And I'm gonna say the process of which it took to make it was 1000 times more difficult than two slices of bread, few slices of cheese This was such a process It was the food processor It was the griddle It was you know mixing it all up

It was the microwave There was a lot of steps to get this to be what it is This is like the diva version of grilled cheese Very high maintenance Like a grilled cheese is a piece of bread with cheese on it so like once you eliminate one of those two things it's kinda not really a grilled cheese anymore in my opinion

But I do think this is really good and its delicious and I would eat it I don't know The longer I'm standing in front of it and the longer we're eating it, I just, I'm getting a little more angry at it It took so long for this to happen If you're going for the whole gluten free vibe which I totally dig I think you should just go for the gluten free bread

Sorry guys, it's not a grilled cheese It is great but it's not a grilled cheese (Drum solo) (cat meows) (negative buzzer) I think what we're gonna say is the first round of this did not work You guys saw that kind of disaster when I went to flip it We fixed it up a little bit

We wrung out all of the moisture and then we got it to work Far from a grilled cheese but quite delicious still I'm gonna write up this recipe for you guys so that you can try it Please post some photos in the comments Let us know how it goes

You saw all of my trials and tribulations today I'd love to hear about yours and if it works out better definitely tell me that as well (paper crinkling) (light rock music) Subscribe to the Rachel Ray Shows- Shub-sub- Subscribe to the Rachel Ray Show How does Rachel do this so well? (laughs) If you'd like for me to see what you guys made or if you have any ideas for future episodes of "Does This Work?" Make sure you post with a #jeanettedoesthiswork (producer) Beautiful, okay

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