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[CC] Easy Vegan Black Bean Noodles (jjajangmyeon) recipe | 쉬운 비건 짜장면 레시피 | Nouilles Coréennes Vegan



Good morning all ! Today we are going to prepare an easy vegan Jjajangmyeon recipe CF description for the ingredients Wring the mushrooms I soaked them overnight but a few hours are enough Reserve the liquid

We will use it Cut the mushrooms into strips Do not use too much because the taste is very pronounced We will fry these vegetables in the same pan So you have to prepare them before Peel the onion Mince it very roughly Sorry, my camera is shaking (makeshift tripod) My knife is not sharp so it's hard to cut I will sharpen it soon (I promise!) Cut the carrots into thick pieces Obviously, I peeled the carrots before Remove ends Cut into thick strips so that the zucchini does not disappear in the sauce Cut the slats into quarters I use these vegetables because there were some in my fridge But you can use the ones you like For example, you can use white cabbage and potatoes While I cut the vegetables, let's talk about the Jjanjangmyeon Jjajangmyeon literally means noodles (Myeon) with black bean paste (Jjajang) It is a Chinese dish that the Koreans have revisited It is often served with pork sweet and sour sauce (Tangsuyuk) Some also eat it with seafood soup (jjamppong) The accompaniments are generally kimchi of spring onions (Pa kimchi) and marinated radish (Mu) Medium heat Heat your pan with olive oil Add the mushrooms Sauté until slightly browned Add the onions Cook until onions become transparent, stirring occasionally Stir occasionally Add a little garlic Mine is frozen Generally I buy a lot, I mince it and then freeze it Add the carrots Don't worry the garlic will separate Cook for a few minutes Finally add the zucchini Cook for a few minutes Make space in the center Add a little olive oil Fry the black bean paste for 1 min Stir constantly so it doesn't burn Gradually incorporate into vegetables You can find black bean paste in specialty stores or in Asian grocery stores Sauté the vegetables for a few minutes Add the mushroom liquid Top up with water until the vegetables are covered Normally, we use broth (poultry, pork) but this is a vegan recipe! Simmer over low heat until the carrots are tender In a bowl, mix the starch and water and add to the sauce Stir to distribute the mixture Thicken the sauce When you have reached the consistency you want The sauce is ready! I forgot to film it but I added the soy sauce and the sugar just before serving Cook noodles according to package directions Add sauce You can add cucumbers in thin strips for decoration (and taste!) Taste! Thanks for watching my video! Feel free to leave comments ! Like and subscribe!

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