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Cebollas caramelizadas (guisadas) para hot dogs – How to cook caramelized onions Ep #18



By seeing this image I bet you are drooling? This brings memories back from Puerto Rico while walking around San Juan And all of a sudden you get this smell of stew onions, the same ones that we put on hot dogs Check how they came out very delicious on a hot dog A very simple and delicious recipe with only 3 ingredients so don't miss it only on Charneco's BBQ Grill For this recipe we will be using one yellow onion 2 table spoon of brown sugar and some ketchup We will use a tablespoon of olive oil to start cooking the onions We start dicing the onion I'm sure that you know the trick to dice it this way on Ep #14 because you have seen it since you are subscribed to my channel If not, do not forget to hit that subscribe button! Now we add a table spoon of olive oil and start cooking the onions until they get softer After a few minutes we add some Adobo seasoning and we start stirring the onions for them to start cooking and caramelizing That;s the secret! The onions are cooking and sweating It's preferred to use yellow onions for stews and they are sweater than the white onions Then we add some ketchup and add enough We will do this 2 times This is the first round of ketchup Once we stir and see how it looks we will decide to add more ketchup We stir and we add some water for the onions not to get dry because if not the onions will dry out too much and we do not want that If they caramelized too much they will get very dry and burnt and that's not the idea

After you add water just stir and we leave them cook for a few minutes then we add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar What we are looking for is to have a caramelized sweet cooked soft onion consistency And then we stir and we let them cook for a few more minutes I know that the aroma is already reaching a few of you out there Drooling! Ay Papa! Now, we add ketchup for a second time I'm looking for a darker orange color Instead of adding some other tomatoe sauces or seasoning we just add more ketchup But those are other options as well And check out the color that it has now We leave them cook a little longer And check that out! It's ready! What we need now is the hot dogs or even hamburgers you can add some of these stew onions You can see the color that they have now and only with 3 ingredients onion brown sugar, and ketchuo that's all you need Now you know the secret of the Puerto Rican hot dog carts here in Charneco's BBQ Grill we show you how to do it Ay Papa! Back in PR, I used to go to this restaurant as a kid called Tulios and they served a sweet corn meal fritters with this same stew onion sauce and I had to do them because that's the cravings that I had and this is how it looked like And of course you can add the onions to your hotdogs or even hamburgers But try out the corn fritters with the stew onions it taste great! And now we load up the hot dog with them Ay Papa! So now you know how to do them Try it out and you'll see how easy is to make Remember to hit that like button, share the video subscribe to the channel And remember you saw this only on Charneco's BBQ Grill

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New Cookery Recipes
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