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Cedar Plank Trout – How To Cook Trout – How To Cook Fish On The Grill



what's up everybody this is lyle with no hippie BBQ what I'm be doing in this video is we are going to be making some cedar plank trout this is a recipe that we are going to keep very simple with rainbow trout or brown trout we're gonna do a little marinade let it sit on it for about 30 minutes then we're gonna get it out on the grill on our cedar plank the first thing I need to do to get this fish recipe hooked up is we're going to go ahead and make our marinade this marinade goes what I've done is I've already put the juice of a half of a lemon in our Bowl here we're gonna hit it with some olive oil I don't have any specific ingredients on this we're just gonna be eyeball on that get some olive oil in there I have some fresh dill that I had frozen we're just gonna go ahead and throw that in a little pepper salt and we're just going to mix now first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and kind of trim this up a little bit so I'm just gonna kind of square this trout off at the end and this is gonna go to my dogs they always love it when I cook some fish we're just gonna kind of come down here and square this up now this is a little super thin just a little bit right here so I'm gonna kind of square this up and then we're just going to kind of cut this into two portions right here kind of almost looked the same for each one of these let's take a look so I'm going to square it up this is for my dog boom our dogs put that there come down here just kind of square this right on up and I could probably cut this in three but let's just go ahead and cut this in half as well get this in here got our marinade just get this on and I'll brush it on even when we're doing a fit even matters ya'll brush it on even but this is gonna go in the refrigerator for about 30 45 minutes while I go ahead and get my grill heated up oh I have my charcoals lit our grill should be ready to grilled fish in about 30 minutes and before we get out there I want to kind of talk about what we're gonna do with this trap now we already mentioned we're going to be using a cedar plank method on it and there's a few different things to know about cedar plank fish before you do it's your first time first of all soak your plank for a minimum of an hour okay so we've done that it's been in there about five hours second about these are not reusable let me say that again these are not meant to be reusable so there's a few different ways you can do it now if you want a more mild flavor right before you get your trout out on the grill what you would do is go ahead and put it on this cedar plank and put it out there at the same time that's really not going to give you as much flavours what I'm looking for on this what I'm looking for is we're gonna throw trout plank directly over the coals and we're gonna start getting it charred up once it comes up to temperature and once it starts looking like really kind of darkened on the edges and everything where you hear the wood crackling we're gonna go ahead and get our trout on it and what that's going to do is it's going to bring in all kinds of play right now as far as this trout goes we did go ahead and pour our marinade over the top of it now what I'm going to do is we're just going to go ahead and flip our fish over meat side down just to make sure that all that goodness is in contact with the flesh of the trout now we have our coals coming pretty good what we're gonna do is get our planks on here and like I said we're gonna want these planks to get to the point where they start crackling and even getting kind of a little bit of a dark and black look around the edges of it before we get our trout on here probably gonna take five to seven minutes for that board to start getting to that point where it's crackling out there on the grill so we're gonna do is go ahead and flip our fish over and get rid of any obviously real thick pockets of dill and just the real thick part so just thin we're good to go and what I've done is I cut up some lemon slices and we're just gonna go ahead and put one slice on per trout portion and we'll get this on those planks as soon as those planks are ready for us so words are getting right where we want they're starting to crackle just get one on one side one on the other side now we're gonna go ahead and get our fish in on the planks alright look they got just enough planks now see that smokiness that's coming up from them planks is gonna permeate this trout I'm gonna go ahead and shut this down I'm actually going to shut down the Vince a little bit so hopefully we'll be cooking kind of in that 350 degree range once I shut everything down this trout at about 375 degrees we're about 10 minutes in I'm gonna go ahead and check it technically we could go ahead and eat this grilled fish right now it's not quite as firm as I'd like so I'm gonna let it go about three more minutes and we'll pull this trout off and should be good to go by then perfectly after about 16 minutes I'm gonna go ahead and get these off the grill take them inside and taste it trout is done nice very simple recipe let me get to this shrubbery off here and get into this taste test now I did leave the skin on this smoked trout I'm not going to eat the skin not my favorite thing to do but let's just get into this it's been a good ten years since I've had grilled trout I mean this is kind of reminded me of almost like a mild salmon in a way either way delicious that's it anyway go get you some cedar planks throw some fish on it and Grill it How to grill trout how to fillet and cook trout

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